Cooler Master CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset Review - Performance




We all know that the "take a break every XX minutes" rule that flashes when you fire up certain games has been void and irrelevant since the arcade days. Nobody is quitting their online multiplayer match mid free-for-all to give their eyes and ears a break. Comfort is paramount when it comes to a gaming headset, and this one is definitely comfortable...for a while at least. The cloth ear pads feel pleasantly snug and comfortable, especially when you first put the headset on. After a couple of hours, however, I found that my ears were a little sore. Taking the headset off for a couple of seconds to ease any areas of repeated contact seemed to solve the problem, though. The headband has a soft padded area, and this seems to have been implemented to help distribute the weight of the headset on both the crown of your head and the side around the ears. One particular area of the design that I didn't especially care for initially was the rigidity in the headband when putting them on and taking them off. I sometimes felt like I might accidentally break them the first couple of days despite the metal headband, but they seemed to break in after about a week and this problem was also alleviated.

Mic and Speakers

There are two key areas to review when it comes to the function of the unit; the mic and the speakers. Let's start with the speakers. The sound from these is great. The speakers are setup for a punchy low and midrange aural assault, with the higher frequencies just ever so attenuated. This is the way that I prefer to tune my speakers via equalizer anyway, so these were just fine with me. Frequency response seems to bottom out around 20Hz, which is generally pretty good, and we have the 53mm driver to thank for that.   The highs will also go as high as you would ever need them to. Unless you're gathering test data on your newly engineered dog whistle, don't fret about the highs, they're there. When I tested these out with a combat flight simulator, I was very impressed at the sound localization and movement around the speakers, despite the lack of true 5.1. I enjoyed using these for video games, music, and TV, but my absolute favorite use for these so far has been as my guitar jamming headphones. Something about the frequency response of these speakers just made my guitar sound oh-so sweet. They sound crisp, tight, and punchy, with a clear attack in the midrange. This will make your explosions, machine gun fire, and artificial harmonics jump out and slap you, in the most satisfying way.

The mic is equally impressive in it's clarity, adjustability, and default sensitivity. It picks up noise when you want it to, and doesn't when you don't. The mic has a remote on/off switch on the wire bundle, which works as you would expect it to. The mic can also be moved from it's default position on the left speaker over to the right by "unplugging" it, if you prefer, as noted above, which could be a major selling point for many.  It also follows that the microphone can be removed completely if you find it getting it in the way, or simply don't use it.

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