Cooler Master CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset Review - A Closer Look- Design




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The overall external design appears to be an evolution of the design we saw on the CM Storm Sirus, althought the lines are curved and "swoopy."  This is partly because they could be streamlined a bit because the Sonuz has a single 53mm driver, whereas the Sirus was a full 5.1-channel headset. The headset, like it's more endowed brother, is rather high-profile, and has a fair amount of heft to it.  As a true gaming-centered headset, the bulk is something which is common in this market space.  The neutral gray color scheme will also appeal to a wide audience, and the futuristic minimalism has an appeal as well.

Cooler Master CM Storm Sonuz EarcupDSC 1248


Earcups themselves are relatively slim, but the overall earpad assembly is rather bulky.  This largely owes to the round earpads having a swivel mechanism for the sake of comfort for the every-varying shape of a gamers' head. The grey color matches the Siru, and it also has the soft-touch rubberized coating which gives them a pleasantly matte appearance and a very smooth feel.  The earpads are cloth, and do a satisfactory job of sound isolation while still being soft and comfortable. 

DSC 1250DSC 1255

DSC 1251

The microphone is sturdy and is flexibly adjustable.  A great addtition to the microphone is that it can be placed on either side, and I know there are a few of you out there really excited about that.  The in-line controls are simple, with a simple volume wheel as well as a microphone mute switch.  The cable connectors are gold-plated, as are all of the other CM Storm peripherals we've taken a look at, helping to ensure a solid connection.  The braded cabling and reinforced cable junctions on Cm Storm's peripherals have a satisfying compromise between a tight, durable braiding while also being flexible. 

DSC 1252

The overall build quality of the headset is very good, as all of the parts mesh cleanly and firmly together.  Despite a fully-plastic exterior, there is little creak or material flex.  The headband adjustments are made but a smooth slider with a rubber guide on a metal band.  A potential weak link, but unless you manage to actually deform the metal band, they'll hold together quite nicely.


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