Antec Accent Lighting USB-Powered LED Strip Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts



We certainly had a fun time testing the various uses for Antec's LED Accent Strips. Although their performance inside an enclosure was underwhelming, their ability to cast a warm glow on nearby surfaces was very impressive! Having 51" of cable to work with should afford users plenty of options for mounting these eye-catching accessories around workstations of all shapes and sizes. Our only wish is that Antec would start offering a more diverse color palette rather than generic red and blue. Green, orange, and even white could look equally great and afford users more options for applying a color theme to their systems. 


The Good


The Bad

  • High intensity LEDs cast a great glow across surfaces within 1 ft. 
  • Long cables give you freedom to rig these up practically anywhere on your desk
  • Quality adhesive and durable construction for regular use and relocation
  • Less than stellar performance inside of enclosures
  • Could use a more diverse color palette


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# Jasper John Cecilio 2012-08-05 22:28
I would love to use this on my BenQ RL2450H LED Gaming Monitor.Thanks for the opportunity Tech Kings!