Antec Accent Lighting USB-Powered LED Strip Review - Impressions



A closeup shot of the surface of this LED strip reveals a glossy black body that is rounded and covered in a clear coat. The LEDs themselves are paired up at regular intervals along the length of the strip. The power on/off toggle is easily thumbable without being too bulky and the USB cable appears to be very sturdy. 

Having 51 inches of cable at your disposal means that you can route these LED light strips just about anywhere, even to far away peripherals such as a monitor or keyboard. The LEDs are very intense and cast a nice glow across surfaces within 1 foot of where they are mounted. Tight spaces are another story. I tested these lights within the dark interior of a Cooler Master HAF XM and found the results to be somewhat disappointing. While the LEDs certainly catch your attention when the side panels are off, the light they emit is barely perceptible when everything is closed up, unless they are mounted to shine outward. Only after I applied the strips to the side of the machine's graphics card could I really notice an intense glow behind the side panel grille. The 3M adhesive backing seems like it should retain its hold after several applications to different surfaces. The light strip itself is very durable and doesn't betray any signs of being prone to crimping or tearing. There are several clearly labeled cutting points where one can reduce the length of the light strip (and consequently the number of usable LEDs) to fit into tight spaces. The glossy black appearance blends nicely within black enclosures, and it would be nice if Antec offered a glossy white variant to match the latest crop of white chassis and peripherals. Having a power on/off switch makes it convenient to keep a low profile when added distractions are unwelcome. 

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# Jasper John Cecilio 2012-08-05 22:28
I would love to use this on my BenQ RL2450H LED Gaming Monitor.Thanks for the opportunity Tech Kings!