Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review - Testing and Usage

Testing and Usage

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The LED lighting on the Trigger is very nice, as every key is lit by a red LED which allows for 3 different brigtness levels, an on/off option, and also a slow on-off cycling where the LEDs slowly transition from off to on, which is a neat effect.  The LEDs look more red in normal lighting than orange-ish as captured by our camera.  The lighting is very even overall, although it's a bit dimmer on the lower side of the key, so the symbols underneath the numbers are a bit dimmer.  CM Storm's logo lights up neatly on the upper-left corner of the keyboard, and the LEDs also light up in between teh keys for a nice effect, and make night gaming a breeze.



The first things we tested were to validate two of Cooler Master's marketing claims, one that it has 6-key rollover, and the other that it has a 1000Hz polling rate for lower response times.  The 6-key rollover went without a hitch using several web and small program applications to provide a variety of testing, so your multiple simultaneous keystrokes as you're furiously pounding away commands won't go unnoticed.  Although programs exist for checking mice, we weren't able to track down anything to verify keyboard polling rates, although since you're not doing more than a few keystrokes per second, the latency increase by 1000ms polling won't be as noticeable as in a mouse which has hundreds of movement measurements to make each second.


As far as gaming goes, the macros work very well, we haven't had any issues with profiles not booting up once we set the executable to the profile, and it's been a pleasant experience.  I cannot definitively say that mechanical gaming kebyaords have improved my play, and I don't play RTS' much, so I cannot attest to games which utilize a large number of very deliberate keystrokes, although the Cherry MX Browns are great for games.  Although the Blue switches are ideal for typing (although are veyr loud), the Browns create a great balance, as you still have plenty of tactile feel, they still have an audible click, and typing is fantastic on the Brown switches as well, and are substantially quieter.


Gaming and usage at night is great due to the nice backlighting, and the additional ports on the keyboard allow me to keep the potential rat's nest aroudn the I/O panel on my motherboard much cleaner.  The Trigger is certainly one of our favorite keybaord we've tested, and it plays quite similarly to its smaller brother, the Quickfire Rapid, which also carries a lighter profile (minus the numpad) and price tag.  


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