Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review - A Closer Look

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The Trigger has a clean but slightly edgy external personality, with a rubberized and rugged military look across the top which tries to get the point across that it can withstand a beating.  Cooler Master also thinks so, as shown in this video.  Cooler Master has also carved a bit of the bottom out of the trigger, which breaks up what would otherwise be a very square profile.  Most of the keyboard has a dark metallic grey color with black keys and trim around the outer edges.  The entire surface has a rubberized coating similar to soft touch which you may be familiar with, and gives it a very smoth feel.

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The layout is quite standard, complete with a full numpad on the right side with status LEDs located directly above it.  The CM Storm logo neatly adorns the upper right corner, and the macro buttons in a vertical array along the leftmost edge.  LED brightness and multimedia controls are location on the F-buttons, and are toggled with the windows/CM Storm keys.

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They right portion of the back face of the Trigger houses the two USB 2.0 ports, the mini-USB out which runs to your computer, and also an optional 5V DC port if you're using a power-hungry peripheral like a USB-powered external hard drive or headset like the CM Storm Sirus.  The side profile is somewhat chunky, as most Cherry MX keyboards we've tested have been, and has a slight angle built-in, with additional tilt possible by feed on each side of the keyboard.  Large rubber feet keep the trigger firmly in place on a wide range of surface, so you won't have to worry about it sliding around.

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The trigger also comes with a large wrist guard which meshes nicely with the rest of the keyboard, and is coated in the same soft touch rubber as the outer edges, so it matches perfectly and has a smooth feel.  The wrist rest is also allowed to flex downward somewhat, and creates a smooth transition from your desk surface to the keyboard itself, and is overall very comfortable.

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The USB cable which is provided has gold-plated connections for the best possible connection, and is sleeved in a somewhat thick and stiff, but very durable material.  The cords look and keep very tidy, and they won't be tying themselves into any rat's nests.  The removable USB cable is also nice in the fact that you are able to get a longer one if needed, or if for some reason it would need to be replaced, it's a non-issue in terms of possibly having to RMA the keyboard, or have it be rendered completely useless.


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