Arctic Ultra Slim Soft Case for iPhone 4/4S Review


The iPhone 4 is a beautiful piece of technology, but the use of glass on both sides comes at the price of durability.  However, it's a shame to have so much thought put into its appearance and then immediately have to dump it all into a bulky case, making its appearance and form factor ultimately irrelevant.  However, Arctic wants to help you protect your fragile new gadget, but sacrifice as little of the naked design as possible with their Ultra Slim Soft Case for the iPhone 4/4S.


The Ultra Slim Soft Case for iPhone® 4S/4 is designed in a slender and stylish approach to your handheld devices. With only 0.35 mm thickness, this is the thinnest case ever. Its anti-slip coating wraps your phone from dirt, dust and scratches as well as accidental damages. This case comes with two fashioned colours, the classic black and translucent pink to match your own style.

Ultra Slim

ARCTIC's Ultra Slim Soft Case has a thinnest design of 0.35 mm thickness. It is extremely light in weight and offers a bare touch to your handheld devices.


Precision Fit

ARCTIC's Ultra Slim Soft Case fits perfectly with your device while giving you full access to all device controls – listening to music, making calls, or charging your device.


Anti-Slip Surface

ARCTIC's Ultra Slim Soft Case is made of anti-slip material to help eliminate accidental drop to your device while traveling.



Dimensions (Product)

115 (L) x 59 (W) x 8 (H) mm


177 (L) x 114 (W) x 12 (H) mm


0.35 mm

Net Weight



Black : 0872767005105Pink : 0872767005112

Item Number


Gross Weight

0.1 kg



DSC 1068DSC 1075

The Arctic Ultra Slim Soft Case comes in a form-fitted plastic package with a cardboard backing.  The back depicts proper installation procedures for the case, and there are no other included documentation or accessories.

With the bulky design choices phone case manufacturers are creating these days, it seems as if these phone case manufacturers are deliberately trying to make modern phones look like the brick phones of yesteryear.  Sure, it is nice to have the assurance that our 200+ dollar iPhones are safe from the occasional punting, but many are overly rugged, and subsequently bulkier than is necessary.  There are surprisingly few streamlined cases for the iPhone 4/4S, one of the popular ones being the Feather from Incipio, but rings it at a relatively steep $25.  Arctic's offering is very similar in nearly all aspects, including how durable it is.  We'll talk about that more in a bit.



DSC 1198DSC 1201

Arctic mostly delivers on its promise of an ultra slim, precise fit, and anti-slip surface equipped iPhone case.  The Ultra Slim Soft Case is of an extremely thin design (only 0.35 mm thick) so it does not feel much thicker than a protective film.  After I unpackaged the product, I was gratified with the ease and tight fit that the Arctic Ultra Slim Soft Case provided; it has a surprisingly snug fit and just enough flex to squeeze over the corners.  I was slightly disappointed with the promise of the anti-slip surface.  Compared against the normal surface of the iPhone, the case’s surface does not feel any more slip resistant. It is arguably less slip resistant the glass of the phone seems to stick to the fingers better.  The overall form factor of the iPhone is preserved, something most other cases will not enable, and is essentially out of sight and out of mind in terms of usage and handling of your iPhone.




I really enjoyed using the Arctic Ultra Slim Soft Case.  As it is only 0.35 mm thick, it provided a great compromise between the durability of the standard block cases and the scratch protection of the clear protection films.  There are holes cut in the case where expected to allow iPhone to function to complete potential, and because it's so shallow, depressing any of the external buttons feels no different than on your naked iPhone.  Although this case will provide protection, do not expect it to provide protection to a large amount of trauma as the case will crack after a few big drops.  The corners are prone to chipping off, and before I mentioned how similar Arctic's slim case was to Incipio's popular Feather.  Using the Feather met the same fate, as a drop to the corner lead to it cracking off cleanly just as our Arctic case did.  However, Arctic's offering is substantially cheaper, at $15 instead of $25, so the price tag definitely helps it be a bit more "disposable" than the Feather.

When it's all said and done, the case will indefinitely protect the back slab of glass, and if needed, sacrifice one corner of the case instead of it compromising the entire glass panel on the corner you dropped it on.  Obviously, the low-profile coverage will do little to protect the front panel against face-down drops, but that's the trade against one of the many bulky alternatives.

From where the chip is taken out on the corner, you can see how precisely the case fits the phone, with every groove and contour closely followed, leading the previously-mentioned snug fit and next-to-nothing presence.


The Good

The Bad

  • Well-designed case
  • Holes cut where expected to allow iPhone to function to complete potential.
  • Prevents back of phone from being scratched or shattered
  • Slim enough that buttons remain easy to depress
  • Cheaper than other ultra slim cases ($15)
  • Anti-slip surface can feel more slippery than phone’s surface.
  • Will not provide protection to front four corners of phone
  • Corners crack rather easily, a side effect of any slim case offering we've tried


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