SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-Size Headset Review (Natus Vincere Edition) - Design


We really like the large 'nacelles' that surround the 50mm drivers on the Siberia v2. They are an elegant solution for increasing the cushion area without making the headset look bulky. If anything, the sides of the headset look like futuristic air intakes. Our review unit is sporting a bright shade of Natus Vincere yellow, which would certainly look at home amongst Transformers memorabilia. It's an attractive color scheme, although something a little less garish like white or black really allows you to appreciate this headset's impeccably clean design. The all plastic frame is lightweight without feeling flimsy, and it's survived some (un)intentional punishment over the course of the past 7 months or so.

What really set the original Siberia apart from other headsets was its suspension headband. This feature has been carried over to the v2 and does a good job of almost completely relieving your noggin of what little weight the headset exerts upon it.  With the compressive rods applying pressure and the cup pivots flattening the leatherette cushions against your ears, the Siberia v2's embrace becomes borderline unnoticeable. In fact, we were told SteelSeries actually increased the length of the wire anchors in the earcups because many people would stand up, forgetting to take the headset off because they simply didn't notice it.  SteelSeries has basically done all they can to optimize the fit of this headset from all directions, keeping you comfortable throughout long gaming sessions. We can personally attest to their success in this matter as the Siberia v2 is one of the most comfortable headsets we have ever tested.

A small unidirectional mic is mounted on a flexible metal boom that extends from the left ear cup. This retractable implementation further reduces the bulk of the headset and gives it a very sleek profile when the mic is not in use. Those who prefer to use full-size headphones with their mp3 players will appreciate being able to take the headset out and about without a dorky microphone in front of their face. SteelSeries has also included a convenient 9.8ft headphone and mic extension cable that can stay tethered to your PC while you hit the road with the in-line volume and mic control to keep you company.


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