SteelSeries Kinzu V2 Pro Gaming Mouse Review - Design


Even if you ignore the prominent logo on the haunches of the Kinzu v2 Pro, it is impossible to mistake the mouse for anything other than SteelSeries hardware. The company's line of ambidextrous mice sport a minimalist, albeit immediately recognizable chassis. The 6.5ft double braided cable is another instance where form has followed function, offering the appearance and durable feel of paracord. UPE Teflon covers 16% of the mouse's underside to make the v2 Pro quick on its feet.

SteelSeries was gracious enough to provide us with a Kinzu v2 Pro sporting a glossy black and white scheme. The box has a 'Special Edition Black' label, but we don't see any indication on the SteelSeries webpage that there will be limited quantities of black v2 Pros. The mouse is also available in glossy red as well as a glossy silver that would look right at home next to a modern Macintosh. For reasons unknown, the black rubberized version of the normal v2 did not make it into the v2 Pro lineup, which is unfortunate as we really enjoy the extra grip offered by the coating on our SteelSeries Kana.


After freeing the Kinzu v2 Pro from its packaging, you may be surprised at its diminutive size, however we found the mouse to be just as comfortable to use as its larger brethren, Kana and Sensei. We are generalizing on "comfort" here, as you will need to adopt a claw grip to avoid dragging on your desk. For all you palmers out there, look to the Kana, Sensei, or Ikari for more support. The glossy finish is quite slick, but the side grips gave our hands adequate traction for a couple FPS rounds.


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Nice review, thx!