Tesoro Durandal Ultimate G1NL Mechanical LED-Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review

A Closer Look

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The Durandal arrives in a subtly stylized black box with purple accents, allowing a sneak peek at the keyboard safely held inside.  
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The chassis of the Durandal G1NL is made of sturdy plastic with a lightly textured surface meant to resemble brushed aluminum.  In normal lighting conditions, it looks very similar and looks great if you're into the brushed aluminum look.  The right edge has a plated texture to give the keyboard an overall industrial look.  The upper right corner is glossy black where the status LEDs are displayed.  The outer perimeter has an edgy contour which gives the Durandal a modern look, and strikes a nice balance between being eye-catching without being over-the-top. The back side is purely functional, with completely flat profile with rubber feet and adjustable feet.

DSC 1013DSC 1014DSC 1016DSC 1020Tesoro's logo is neatly placed on the bottom edge of the kyeboard, and stands out as a chrome accent, further fitting the metallic theme.  The keys have a satin finish, and look very clean.  The key markings are a semi-transparent plastic which diffuses light nicely when the key backlighting is on. The Durandal is also very efficient in terms of its footprint.  The bezel is relatively thing all the way around, and spacing between the numpad is also minimal, which creates a much smaller footprint than many other full-sized keyboards I've used such as the Logitech G11 and the SteelSeries Shift.

DSC 1022DSC 1028DSC 1030The upper edge of contains the two USB 2.0 ports as well as 3.5mm headphone/mic jacks.  The keyboard is somewhat thick, with a slight angle built-in, with more angle added by the adjustable feet on the bottom.  The halves are rock solid and there isn't even a slight amount of creek or flex.  Overall, between the sturdy build and the weight associated with the mechanical hardware, the Durandal has quite a bit of heft.

DSC 1032DSC 1034DSC 1035The cabling is sleeved in a high quality fabric, which looks good and should offer high cable durability.  All of the connections are reinforced by reinforcements, and the junction between the main cable and the separate USB and headphone/mic cables are reinforced wit ha plastic joiner.  The connections are gold-plated to ensure a clean connection, something gaming grade-peripherals generally include.

DSC 1038DSC 1041DSC 1050DSC 1055The Durandal G1NL also comes with a removable wrist-rest which aesthetically matches the rest of the keyboard nicely.  All of the keys are also LED-backlit, with three dimmable settings, and one setting which sets the LEDs in a slowly transitioning on-off-on cycle.  The upper right of the keyboard has the indicators for current settings such as Num Lock, Caps Lock, gaming mode, etc.  The lighting is diffused nicely, and the LEDs light the underside of the key carriage, and really looks nice.

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