Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Xbox 360/PC Gaming Headset Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts


We keep seeing a growing number of headset manufacturers refreshing their product lines with models that have bigger drivers, more connectivity options, and better durability, and the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 is no exception. It offers even more bang for the buck than its predecessor. Although we believe the simple volume controls present on the X12 could be relocated to the ear cups, this modification would most likely add quite a bit of bulk to a relatively low-profile headset. Xbox gamers will have no problem justifying the purchase of this headset, as its performance is head and shoulders above Microsoft's offering. Picking up the X12 to use with a PC is slightly less compelling, but these cans are a fantastic buy at $60 and should easily satisfy your craving for full sound, chunky bass, and crystal clear VOIP calls. Granted, the headset is devoid of any surround sound capabilities out of the box, but the purchase of Turtle Beach's Ear Force 7.1 DSS2 system can quickly change that if money is no object. If you're looking to give your PC/Xbox cross-platform gaming experience an upgrade, look no further.


The Good

The Bad

  • Excellent chat performance
  • Slim profile
  • Improved durability
  • Large number of connections required for Xbox usage
  • Pricey surround sound upgrade


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