Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Xbox 360/PC Gaming Headset Review - Performance


If you are an explosions junkie, you will be happy to know that Turtle Beach has sized up the drivers on the X12s to a respectable 50mm to deliver a healthy dose of bass. A small amount of distortion at high volumes made us less inclined to crank these cans on a regular basis, but the performance is very respectable for a $60 headset.


The chat performance of the X12's is superb. Not only do the voices of everyone in the party come through crystal clear, the Talkback feature of the X12 allows you to hear your own voice above the action. Independent mic and game volume dials located on the control unit give you fine control over your listening experience.

Connecting the X12 to an Xbox 360 requires a grand total of 7 connections to be made between the headset itself, console, controller, and television. Once everything is in order however, you can be up and fragging faster than you can say 'double kill.' Switching over to Mac or PC is as simple as plugging in the mic and audio line out plugs, however the control unit will still need USB power in order to function.


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