Steel Series Kana Gaming Mouse Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts


So who is the Kana for? The ambidexterity and middle of the road sizing of the Kana is appealing to a wide variety of players. Those who employ a "claw-grip" on their mice should find no issues with the Kana, however we would strongly recommend looking at mice that are tailored to such a playing style. The CM Storm Spawn and Xornet were designed specifically with these gamers in mind and are regarded by many as the best claw mice in the business.  Given the specs of the Pixart sensor that SteelSeries has implemented, it's safe to say that the Kana is geared towards newer gamers who desire a very lightweight and nimble mouse made from quality materials that is both affordable and easy to set up. People who play at high DPI or use a fingertip grip will most likely run into problems with the 0.5x lens and oversized buttons. If you currently use  the $34.99 Kinzu Optical and are looking to upgrade to something just a little bit larger, we don't see any reason not to recommend the $49.99 Kana. However, if you're looking to take your game to the next level and a Kinzu Optical fits your hand to a tee, then the $44.99 Kinzu V2 Pro is definitely the way to go. We can only hope that SteelSeries will release a Pro version of the Kana in the near future to really round out their dojo of mice. The Sensei would be proud.


The Good


The Bad

  • Streamlined styling
  • Subtle yet impressive lighting effects
  • Quality materials
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Price of $49.99 despite lacking Omron switches
  • Oversized side buttons can be accidentally bumped


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