Plantronics GameCom 780 Surround Sound Stereo USB Gaming Headset Review

Final Thoughts


The combination of Dolby technology, lightweight construction, and plush cushioning of the GameCom 780 all adds up to less claustrophobic gaming sessions than we have experienced with other headsets. Visual styling and performance like this should not go unnoticed, especially at a price point of $80. Plantronics also offers the Dolby and USB free GameCom 380 for $30. An extremely reasonable buy for this level of build quality. Comparable Dolby 7.1 headsets like the Logitech G35 and Corsair Vengance 1500 retail for $99 and $129 respectively. Plantronics has aggressively positioned the GameCom 780s at the $80 price point, and we can really see this product competing with higher end headsets like the Logitech G35 if Plantronics were to add software support. To put it plainly, the GameCom 780 delivers with no nonsense and no compromises in durability.  We really like the direction Plantronics is taking with this new breed of headsets and look forward to seeing what’s down the road. We will be diving into our Blu-Ray collection to pass the time.


The Good


The Bad

  • Aviation-inspired styling
  • Bulletproof durability without neck-punishing weight
  • Dolby tech and 40mm drivers shatter your expectations, not your eardrums
  • Velour cushions are comfortable and airy
  • Highly competitive price of $80
  • Lack of graphic equalizer and other audio/mic options
  • Ear cushions and open cups do not isolate particularly well


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-3 # Tredien 2012-02-23 12:25
It's only a pitty they are USB. :(
# superunamused 2012-09-29 18:14
Quoting Tredien:
It's only a pitty they are USB. :(

Why? So you can't experience the unstable drivers and crackle sounds from any of the creative bads X-Fi series?
-1 # JJ 2012-08-09 16:23
the best headsets i have ever had , but all that disappoints me is that there is no equalizer and that the bass is a bit to low
# superunamused 2012-09-29 18:16
Quoting JJ:
the best headsets i have ever had , but all that disappoints me is that there is no equalizer and that the bass is a bit to low

Never figured out why people get upset over there being no equalizer. An equalizer is needed for music. not really game play. And most players have an EQ of their own.

I found sufficient bass. Besides, higher bass output often leads to a wash out or muffled quality to the higher ranges due to natural interference.