SteelSeries Desmo Gaming Eyewear by GUNNAR Optiks Review

Final Thoughts

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An item like "computer glasses" may often seem like a gimmick, but GUNNAR Optiks has put a lot of research into their design, and I feel it's safe to say they've built a product which stands up to their claims.  Will they make you a better player?  Well, actually, they might if your ability to focus is less hindered by headaches (as I often experienced).  I've made a habit of using them regularly when I'm working on the computer (I'm wearing them as I type this), and I notice that, although subtle, text is ever-so-slightly easier to read, I then sit in a more relaxed position which even goes to help my posture, which sucks might I add.  This means I'll also have less strain on my neck muscles, which may indirectly lead to mitigation of my headaches due to tension in my neck.  My vision is unimpeded and entirely shrouded by the AMBeR-tinted lenses, and I quickly forget they are there.  The question becomes, am I convinced?  I would say that I am, and that I was hooked when I first felt my eyes adjusting to taking off the Steelseries Desmo glasses equipped with GUNNAR Optiks technology.  Currently priced at major retailers at ~$100, there is a significant cost associated with owning the Desmo glasses, but if you're someone who finds themselves battling with headaches at work or play on the computer, you may just owe it to yourself, I know I won't want to go back.


The Good


The Bad

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Low-profile (fitting under headsets not an issue)
  • Reduced eye strain, especially in low-light conditions
  • Reduces headaches
  • Pricey, ~$100 at many major retailers


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