SteelSeries Desmo Gaming Eyewear by GUNNAR Optiks Review


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The ultimate test needed to evaluate the SteelSseries Desmo by GUNNAR Optiks was very simple, put them on an plug away at the computer.  One of the tests I was eager to do was to see if I was able to play my favorite games for longer than an hour/hour and a half, which is how long I'm normally able to play before my eyes dry out (I don't blink as often as normal when playing FPS games) and I get a headache.  The result?  The headaches were essentially absent during sessions which would normally have been cut short.  My eyes still got fairly dry, but it's hard for me to tell for sure if the claims that the increased humidity around the eye helps prevent dryness in the eyes, which it may well have.  It's hard to objectively verify if my eyes are more moist when wearing the Desmo glasses or not, but it seems as though it may help over longer periods, but it may also be a placebo-effect at play.

The SteelSeries Desmo is very comfortable, even during long sessions.  Their light weight and sudo-flexible build have meant they are an afterthought when playing.  I've tested them with a variety of headsets, and even the ones which are relatively tight around the temple clear the Desmo glasses without issue.

An added benefit which I hadn't envisioned before using SteelSeries' glasses was using them in low, or no-light conditions.  My desk is located in a room which is often used by others to watch movies or play games, and many of them enjoy having the lights off.  Normally, this would mean high levels of eye strain, especially as someone who always wants to have at least one lamp on in a room if I'm watching a TV from 10 feet away.  However, with the glasses, I don't have any issue using the computer in a dark room.  This would also be perfect for someone who shares a room with someone who may go to bed earlier than you, say in a dorm room.  I've also found that when using a computer when I already have a headache, using a computer doesn't seem to impact the severity of the headache.  Normally, my headaches are amplified when I try to use a computer or stare at a screen, so there is utility if you're someone who suffers from frequent headaches.


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