Velodyne vPulse In Ear Headphones Review

Final Thoughts

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Velodyne's first attempt at in-ear headphones was a success: prominent bass response while maintaining clarity over the entire frequency range. A very durable yet stylish aluminum design coupled with flatwire 'vPulse' cord technology ensure the headphones will last a lifetime. The inclusion of different sizes and firmnesses of ear tips allows the earphones to comfortably fit most ears without issue, while passively canceling noise at the same time. A very nice carrying case also spices up the deal, and has an internal product for any number of small items you might want with you.  The only con I ran into was the cord length: if you are tall, walking with your media player in your pocket may pull the headphones loose if you stretch or jump around with them in. I look forward to the next line of ear buds and I can't wait to see what features Velodyne will come up with in the future.

The ultimate question, "are we sold?"  When comparing these earphones at their current ~$90 price point, and making comparisons to the offerings from other companies, like the Beats by Dr. Dre, the vPulse truly hit a sweet spot in the high-end market.  The beats are almost twice the cost, and the vPulse are every bit as good.  The vPulse also have put their product in the makret where, for ~$10 less you have earphones with a very true mid to high range reproduction, but the jump to add a high-quality low-bass response has you looking for models in the $125-150 range.  After having played with the vPulse earphones for several weeks, scrutinizing and enjoying, if we were in the $75-125 price range, the vPulse would be a finalist without question, and we'd even be able to extend that range to include several other higher-cost items.  Velodyne is breaking into an already saturated market with alot of big players already dug-in, but their aggressive strategy to take a high-end earhphone and price it near the mid-level earphones sets them up for success!


The Good


The Bad

  • Durable (aluminum housing, durable ribbon cable)
  • Tangle-free
  • Many included eartips
  • Nice carrying case
  • Balanced sound with very deep, clean low bass
  • Cord is somewhat short for tall individuals


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