Velodyne vPulse In Ear Headphones Review


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The first thing that caught my eye with the vPulse earphones is the cord: it isn't the typical cylindrical cable most headphone and earphone cables use. Instead, it is flat, about 4 mm wide and 1 mm thick, similar to what you see on the ever-popular Beats by Dre. One of the major problems with headphones is when they aren't in use: if they are stuffed in a pocket, tangling is inevitable. Tangling leads to headaches and eventual physical damage to the electrical connections, and the sound quality deteriorates. After using the vPulse set for a few weeks, I have yet to have a mess of wire come out of my pocket when I want to use them. The flat orientation and relative stiffness of the cable is definitely the reason why; it certainly makes life easier.

Half way up one of the ear pieces is a mini rocker-control with volume and phone-answering capabilities that has worked with both my HTC Thunderbolt and a Motorola Droid 2 (both Android OS smartphones), and is fully compatible the the full range of Apple products.

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The cord measures at 43.5 inches, which actually cuts it close for a tall person. I'm 6'4" and actually had issues with the ear buds popping out of my ears because the cable didn't reach all the way into my pocket.  The average person shouldn't have any issues here, but having a few extra inches of cable would go a long way to accommodate taller individuals.

Velodyne included a nice soft felt-covered carrying case, which has room for the phones, and a side pocket which you can use for whatever you'd like, but out of the box it houses the different-sized tips and a cable-clip.

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The semi-rigid case helps protect the contents if dropped or buried in a bag, and a soft lining will ensure there aren't any case-induced scratches.  The flat chord wraps up very easily and lays flat, which is fantastic for storage.

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The ear buds themselves are extremely durable.  They're made from an all-aluminum housing with a metal mesh filter on the driver stem to protect the driver from earwax, dust, or anything else that may try to find its way inside the housing.  You also see that the driver vent is on the inside face of the earphones, so they're not visible when you're wearing them, which allows the outer face to remain unobstructed.  We like the little bit of flare Velodyne has put into the accents on the outside of the vPulse.  A small brushed-aluminum emblem with silver accents encloses a subtle "V" Velodyne branding.  The wide cables also allow for a better hold internally, which means, unless you're really tugging these things around, you shouldn't have issues with the cables coming out of the housing.


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