MiLi Power Shine External Power Bank Review



Most 'portable' chargers that pack as much juice as the Power Shine demand baggy pockets if they are to be carried regularly. MiLi paid close attention when they designed the Power Shine and granted consumers a smooth, pebble-esque design. It's slim 16.5mm profile means it can be pocketed just as easily as your phone to have on hand whenever you need it. Both of the included USB cables are over two feet long. This makes them easy to route outside of a bag if one wants to quickly use their phone or tablet as it drinks its fill. The micro USB adapter plug fits into the end of the USB cable quite securely and we had no fear of losing it. Those who own a Samsung Galaxy Tab will be happy to know that MiLi has included a special 30-pin adapter plug to satisfy their needs.

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The power switch can be depressed at any time to check the reserve charge, which is indicated by four blue LEDs. Finding the switch is rather intuitive as it's similar to unlocking a touchscreen phone, though we would prefer the LEDs be spaced slightly farther apart to improve readability at a quick glance. The two full-sized USB ports are angled outwards slightly to facilitate easy charging of multiple devices. We attempted to charge a phone through the Power Shine while it was itself charging, but to no avail. Users will need to charge one device at a time.

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Toting around 4000mAh is quite empowering, even when confronted by today's gluttonous devices. We managed to fully replenish a smartphone and tablet at least once on a single charge of the Power Shine. MiLi claims their product can provide 26+ hours of data, 34+ hours of talk, or 90+ hours of media playback. These are amazing feats from such a small device. Not only will you have plenty of power for yourself, your lucky friends will be able to get their fair share as well!

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