Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel Z3RO-G Twin Laser Gaming Mouse Review



The Sentinel Z3RO-G ships in a box sporting the signature CM Storm colors. A flap opens to give buyers a glimpse of the mouse and a list of impressive specs. The Sentinel Z3RO-G comes bundled with a free copy of Shattered Horizon, giving gamers a chance to jump into the fray with the newest addition to their arsenal.

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The mouse feels like a precision instrument in the hand thanks to its sturdy build, braided cable, and soft-touch finish. Cooler Master goes the extra distance by including a replacement set of slick Teflon-coated feet. The mouse fills the hand nicely and instills a sense of firm control much like its predecessor. The weight system, independent LED zones, and OLED display have all been carried over from the Sentinel Advance. Apart from the new grey and black motif on the Z3RO-G, the two mice are identical in appearance.

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The Z3RO-G comes with an intuitive 8-button layout. Two small buttons behind the scroll wheel allow users to switch the DPI setting on-the-fly, with the current XY-sensitivity settings being reported on the center OLED display. The two side buttons are well-sized and easy to actuate, however for those with smaller hands, you may find yourself reaching for the front one a bit, and with bigger hands you shouldn't have an issue. The scroll wheel is rubberized and depresses easily under firm pressure, and has a firm scroll. A small center button at the front of the mouse gives users control over five profiles, with each profile identified by a corresponding LED color: red, blue, purple, green, or teal. We're not sure why Cooler Master didn't take advantage of the 128kb of memory to give users access to additional profiles, as such a feature would have made the Z3RO-G a clear upgrade over the Advance.

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Underneath the Z3RO-G, users will find an improved 5600 DPI twin-laser with independent XY-configuration, as well as a foam lined compartment for the set of five 4.5 gram weights. The weights fit very snugly and are easy to reposition, but lack the fine adjustability in left-right weighting that we've seen in other mice.  For those who like a very heavy mouse, say a past G5 user, the weights may have an added bonus.


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