Cooler Master CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Final Thoughts

The Quick Fire Rapid has a very functional form factor; it's a rectangular slab with Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches and a soft touch finish without any flash about it.  Cooler Master has instead placed all the emphasis in the functional performance of the Quick Fire Rapid for gamers, and the lack of keypad and a relatively slim outer boundary means the Quick Fire Rapid sports a very compact size LAN-goers ought to like.  The removable USB cable also adds to the portability of the Quick Fire Rapid, and also enables greater flexibility for replacing the cable if the original is lost, damaged, or if you need a longer cable.  The built-in cable management grooves on the underside allow for routing to the left, right, or straight out, so adjusting to your setup will be a breeze.  One feature we've missed, especially for a gaming keyboard is any illuminated keys, but the included red keys will at least allow greater visibility for the primary "WASD" control keys FPS gamers use most.

The rollover works as advertised, with 6 key rollover when connected via USB and n-key rollover (NKRO) when you use a PS/2 adapter, and the rollover isn't "fooled" by any particular key combinations, which many keyboards cannot claim.  The rollover and quick response of the keys certainly adds a bit of an advantage to your gaming sessions, but it certainly won't be a complete game-changer.  For those who worry about a noisy keyboard, keep in mind that Cooler Master offers the Quick Fire Rapid with different switch types, so you're able to pick the one which suits you best.

The lack of keypad may be a concern for some, but for the usual FPS gamer, the Quick Fire Rapid is a purpose-built peripheral which eliminates the keypad which is seldom-used in most games.

Overall, the Quick Fire Rapid is rock solid in build and performance, and really breaks ground for mechanical keyboards in a price segment which is more aligned with other gaming keyboards (MSRP $80), and not at a steep premium we've grown used to with mechanical keyboards.


The Good


The Bad

  • High quality Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches
  • Compact size
  • Adjustable tilt and soft touch finish
  • 6-key rollover and n-key rollover w/ PS/2 connection
  • Replaceable keys and "Gaming mode"
  • Fast response time
  • No key backlighting
  • No numeric keypad


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