Everki Titan Backpack Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts


There is no doubt that Everki has done a tremendous job developing this bag. The Titan is a great representation of the company's expertise and style. However, there are some features of this bag that may not sit well with certain consumers, namely its size. The bag measures nearly 15 inches in width and weighs 4.43 pounds empty. That's a full pound heavier than Everki's second largest hauler, the Beacon. Given these specs, those who are 5' 11" or shorter may find the Titan to be a bit of a handful for an everyday backpack. The layout of the Titan presents another small problem. Since the contents of the front organization pocket are situated at the top of the bag, unloading a laptop from the rear of the bag can shift the center of gravity forward, causing it to faceplant. This can be annoying if you want to set the bag upright at a desk. These are small gripes that shouldn't detract from one's overall experience of owning this bag.

The Titan's stylistic and spacious design is should make it a favorite among frequent flyers. Anyone who reaches for the Titan is sure to get what they paid for, a quality product backed by a lifetime warranty and world-class customer service. So the next time you're packing for a long trip and want to take those extra laptop batteries or your DSLR kit with you, reach for the Everki Titan, and enjoy your flight!




The Good


The Bad

  • Huge capacity
  • Quality materials
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Checkpoint friendly design
  • Included raincover
  • Bag can be top-heavy depending on how it is packed
  • May be too large for some


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# Gage 2011-11-30 00:08
I love any bags you guys make. I have the smaller one that hols the 18.4in. I'm waiting to get the new 18.4in shoulder bag for work. This wasn't out when I bought my other bag from you guys.