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The Titan is sure to make a big statement when it lands at your doorstep. Everki has taken the best features of its line of PC backpacks and combined them into a ballistic nylon wrapped powerhouse. Its tags are embossed and well-illustrated to let you know exactly what the Titan has to offer, which is a lot more than the average bag. Topping off this package are Everki's Limited Lifetime Warranty and world-class customer service.

After being wowed by the durable construction of Everki's other bags, we're thankful that they gave the Titan its fair share of high quality materials. Beefy zipper pulls, reinforced stitching and a metal Everki badge give the Titan an edgy, industrial appearance. Neoprene and polypropylene makeup the rear stash pocket and buckle covers while gadget centric compartments are swathed in fleece. Trekking through terminals is a breeze thanks to the large grab handle, 5-Point Balance strap system, and ample padding on the back panel and shoulder straps. The interior of the Titan feels very well-organized, probably because its been borrowed from Everki's other checkpoint-friendly backpack, the Flight. We can confidently say that the Titan has enough pockets to accommodate any assortment of travel paraphernalia.


The Titan's frontmost pocket functions as a mobile office space. A zippered mesh pocket, pen holders, and business card holders keep everything tidy. Everki's trademark high-contrast orange lining makes it easy to find exactly what your looking for, an important feature for a bag of this size. A deep space in front of these organizers makes for a good place to tuck a journal or planner. It's also where you'll find one of Everki's excellent raincovers. Capable of stretching around every compartment of the bag, this nylon shell will shrug off rain, snow, dirt, and sand with ease.


Accommodating large amounts of cargo isn't all that the Titan's main compartment does well. A dividing panel with mesh pockets keeps thumb drives, tools, and other small things within easy reach while segregating everything else. Also present is a fleece-lined sleeve for a tablet, e-reader, or netbook. The height of this compartment means that a bike helmet, camera bag, or a change of clothes can be easily added to your load. Those overcome by miscellaneous cables can take full advantage of the included accessories pouch.

The Titan's laptop compartment features a fleece lining and lockable zippers to protect your 18.4 inch gaming rig from thieves and nasty scratches. Smaller laptops such as a 17 inch HP Pavilion or 15 inch Macbook Pro are easily swallowed whole. The sleeve's padded sidewalls and bottom will shield your computer from all sides as it slides through security checkpoints in style. A stitched panel lends a special touch not seen on the competition.


For drowning out any obnoxious passengers on your flight, your favorite media player will need to be close at hand. The Titan's top pocket is big enough to fit the largest of portable media players along with snacks or a small paperback. An external headphone port means you can keep the tunes pumping for the entire duration of your flight, except for takeoff and landing of course. Small straps on the shoulder harness are a great place to tuck a set of earbuds while on the move.

The Flight backpack has an attractive face, but is devoid of any stash pockets. The Titan improves greatly in this department with a large polypropylene pouch (think Under Armour material) that discretely hides passports and boarding passes. A metal buckle and a distinct orange ring lend a dose of style, while high-mounted cinch straps keep the rest of the bag's contents under control. Everki has the placement of these straps spot-on. Not only are they tight enough to prevent any zippers from sneaking past (a minor annoyance we had with the Beacon), they allow the bag to open just enough for you to comfortably retrieve items from inside the main compartments.

The height of the two hip pockets makes them a perfect place for items that need to be easily accessed. A metal canteen will most likely poke through the top of the right pocket, but an elastic band should keep it in check. The lefthand pocket will easily accept a large pair of sunglasses. Both pockets are oriented vertically like those on the Flight. This makes them easy to open and close while the pack is being worn.

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# Gage 2011-11-30 00:08
I love any bags you guys make. I have the smaller one that hols the 18.4in. I'm waiting to get the new 18.4in shoulder bag for work. This wasn't out when I bought my other bag from you guys.