Everki Beacon 18-inch Laptop Backpack w/Gaming Console Sleeve Review



Picture1Colorful, embossed tags embellish several points of interest on the Beacon. The sturdy zipper pulls of the main compartments possess a coating similar to the soft-touch rubber found on many smartphones. A rugged ballistic nylon shell complimented by honeycomb patterned panels offer a high tech look, and the leather carrying strap flanked by two metal buckles lend a touch of professionalism to the bag’s rather exuberant color scheme. As the Beacon moniker suggests, every inch of the back padding and shoulder harness is colored a very bright, yet tasteful orange. This makes the Beacon’s design stand out from a host of other less colorful and more expensive competitors.


Opening the Beacon’s main compartment unveils a cavernous space with enough pockets to satisfy even the most demanding mobile professional. A fold-flat flap design and orange interior lining allows for an easy assessment of the bag’s entire contents. The insides of the four pockets mounted on the main flap are swathed in fleece. Each of them is large enough to fit a portable hard drive or a reasonably sized power brick. Moving to the other side, we found a unique set of rigid dividers that identify the bag’s primary cargo space. Fully stretched, this space measures 6 inches deep, offering an incredible amount of space in which to carry books, spare clothing, or a gaming console shrouded in the included sleeve. Miscellaneous cables or reasonably flat items can be stored in a very deep zippered pocket at the back of the main compartment. After putting some bulky gear inside this pack, we discovered the secret behind this bag’s slim profile. The height of the main compartment allowed us to stack a helmet or DSLR camera bag on top of an already respectable load.

Glossy gaming laptops will find a safe and comfortable home inside the Beacon. A fleece lined laptop compartment can accommodate 17-inch laptops with ease, and is large enough to accommodate up to 18-inch laptops. Upon closer inspection, we found that Everki placed a layer of neoprene padding at the bottom of this compartment to lend some cushion should the pack be dropped on the floor.
Picture5Rounding off the Beacon’s myriad storage spaces are its four exterior pockets. The two hip pockets are purpose-built, with the left pocket designed to hold small electronics and mp3 player, while the right one holds business cards or other accessories. A clever headphone routing system runs from the left pocket, up the left shoulder strap, and more fleece lining equals more blissful scratch protection. The rear zippered pocket offers a very deep space for sundries or late night LAN party snacks. To round it all off, an open stash pocket below the secondary carrying strap is the perfect place to throw sunglasses or a pack of gum.


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# rob 2012-01-07 23:39
anyone know if the toshiba p500 18.4 inch will fit into this beauty?
# Tech Kings 2012-01-16 10:30
We couldn't say for certain, but the notebook compartment is quite large, and it might be a squeeze, but i would be surprised if it didn't fit. I would try to find one of these at a retailer and see if they'll let you give it a shot!

If we see this notebook in a store and we have our Beacon on us, we'll try it out for you, but I wouldn't trust that it will fit, but rather find a way to test it out!