Coolermaster CM Storm Xornet Optical Gaming Mouse Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

The Xornet will land at an awesome entry-level price of $30, yet it packs as many, if not more features as many costlier mice.  For most, the 2000DPI sensor will be plenty, and it has two well-placed thumb buttons, large on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment buttons, grippy rubber sides, precise optical tracking, and sharp, clean button actuators.

It is short and squat with CM Storm's "claw-grip" design, which is different than other mice I've used.  It was different at first, especially having large hands, but it has steadily grown on me.  I find that my palm rests nicely on my mousing surface, and movements are performed with subtle, well-controlled movements of my hand and fingers.  It's a low-stress way to mouse, and may not be for everyone, but being a long-time Logitech G5 user, I've used the Xornet's higher-end brother, their Spawn mouse, as my primary mouse for 6 months, and I can attest that it's different, but not in a bad way.  It's comfortable for long periods of time, the ergonomic shape allows my hand to settle in nicely, and although people are reluctant to change, CM Storm appears to have done a great job in their change of the status quo for mouse form factors.

The Xornet has a bit of heft to it as well, and it's nice to not have a short, squat mouse be light as a feather, it has just the right weight where it feels very controllable without it feeling overly bulky either.  Also, it has two large teflon feet which really give it a very smooth, even glide, even over less-than-ideal surfaces.



The Good


The Bad

  • Accurate, precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces
  • Comfortable
  • Two thumb-buttons
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Large feet
  • Rubber grips on the sides
  • High-quality switches
  • Non-braided cable
  • No LED-sensitivity setting display


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# Ergonomic Mouse 2012-02-15 08:22
Looks like a great mouse but i had to buy an ergonomic mouse called the DXT Mouse due to RSI in my hand and shoulder. really comfortable and accurate.