Coolermaster CM Storm Xornet Optical Gaming Mouse Review



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The Xornet is the entry-level follow-up to CM Storm's Spawn mouse, which is the first of its kind with a "claw grip" form factor.  It's tall enough to keep your hand raised off of the surface, but not deep enough to fill you hand like other larger mouse.  This causes you to "claw" your fingers together as you hold the mouse, as opposed to having your entire hand rest on it.  It's a different fit, and may not be preferred by everyone, but I have large hands, and have been happily using the Spawn for over 6 months.  As I mentioned in the Spawn review, it fills my large hands nicely, but it is simply shorter, so your hands extend beyond the rear of the mouse.  The right side has a groove which my ring finger settles into nicely, and creates a comfortable fit.

Each side has a perforated rubber coating which provides good grip, which is essential to the "claw grip" design working comfortably.  There are also two thumb buttons on the left side, which I continue to find to be awesome in any game I play, and wouldn't be the same if there was simply one button.  ON the top are large on-the-fly-DPI adjustments, which is something that has become synonymous with a "gaming" mouse.  Also often overlooked but still important, are the large teflon feet which cover a significant area of the mouse's bottom.  This allows the Xornet to glide smoothly and evenly, and has a particularly stable feel as well.

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The Xornet and the Spawn share the chassis, but have a different color scheme and sensor technology, with the Xornet having a 2000DPI optical sensor, and the Spawn having a higher-DPI (3500) sensor.



All of the buttons have a satisfying and sharp click, and the scroll wheel feels very nice.  It's also firm enough where clicking the scroll wheel is easy to do without actually scrolling, which I've found to be a big deal in games that use middle-click and scrolling simultaneously.  The Spawn tracks smoothly and precisely, and its optical sensor means that it will be able to work on a wide range of surfaces and still operate properly.  The sensitivity adjustment buttons are large and easy to feel, so changing quickly without having to look down at your mouse is a breeze.  The thumb buttons are well positioned, although the back one can sometimes be a bit of a strain to reach with my long fingers, but nothing you notice while in-game.  The optical sensor brings the highest sensitivity setting down to 2000DPI, which is still plenty high, and definitely game-ready.  2000DPI is still higher than most people will feel comfortable using, so anyone who doesn't have a massive multi-monitor setup shouldn't need to sweat about that, and being an entry-level mouse, ultra-high sensitivities shouldn't be a large concern.  Overall, it feels like the Spawn, it tracks smoothly and accurately on a wide range of surfaces (even on a wicker table), is comfortable for me to use for extended periods of time despite having large hands, and the claw grip has grown on me.


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# Ergonomic Mouse 2012-02-15 08:22
Looks like a great mouse but i had to buy an ergonomic mouse called the DXT Mouse due to RSI in my hand and shoulder. really comfortable and accurate.