Arctic C1 Universal USB Charger Review

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Arctic C1

There's nothing fancy about today's phone chargers, and most have a common charger and a charging-capable USB cable.  Arctic provides a cheaper option than replacing or purchasing an extra charger which will work with any USB charging cable for your MP3 players, phones, or any other device which can charge via USB.



The ARCTIC C1 charges iPad, mobile phones, mp3-players and many other gadgets. Four travel adapters that are included offers worldwide compatibility.



Charge All Your USB-Powered Devices

The ARCTIC C1 charges mobile phones, mp3-players and many other gadgets. All you will need is the USB cable of your device to charge right away.

Interchangeable Plug

The ARCTIC C1 comes with four different adapters, making it suitable for worldwide use. It doesn't matter where you go - America, Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia - you have always the right plug in your hands.


Safe and Reliable

Thanks to its short circuit, over-current and over-power protection, you can rely on the ARCTIC C1 to charge your gadgets.



Limited Warranty 2 years
Dimensions (Packaging) 195 L x 124 W x 50 H mm
Dimensions (Product) 53 L x 53 W x 25 H mm
Input AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Output DC 5 V, 1A
itemnumber DCACO-AC001-CSA01
UPC 0872767002715
Gross Weight 0.2 kg



DSC 0406

Arctic has been very consistent in their packaging, and it's run through nearly every product I've seen. They have a consistent grey-scale color scheme with many pictures and specs on the box. They also, more than anyone I've seen, have an obsessive attention to providing great visibility to the actual product inside the box. Their products are always intelligently and safely packaged as well.


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