Arctic Sound E352 Earphone Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

The sound quality of the E352, overall, is fairly good. The primary downfall is the bass frequencies. The bass is clear and crisp, but it's not very loud. There is a particular low bass frequency that is much more apparent, and it was especially noticeable when listening to rock music. The bass from the drums was produced much more prominently and was much more noticeable than other bass sounds.

The rest of the frequency range was good. Clear, crisp reproduction, and having listened to many hours of music on the E352s, they're more than satisfactory for everyday music listening and movie watching. They are capable of being as loud as anyone would likely desire, and they isolate sound very well with the different silicon ear bud sizes to ensure a good fit.

The E352 earphones have a very realistic wood grain appearance, a high quality metal casing, and sturdy cables which should translate to long-term durability. The included case is very handy, and works very well.


The Good

The Bad

  • Quality casing/build

  • Reinforced cable junctions

  • Realistic wood grain appearance

  • 3 sizes of silicon ear pieces

  • Stiff wires

  • Quiet bass frequencies


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