Arctic Sound E352 Earphone Review

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Another member of Arctic Sound's earbud family, the E352s, are a slightly more affordable version of their own E361 earbuds.  They have a traditional straight body but a similar metal casing and a wooden outer chassis, which separates it from the rest.



The ARCTIC SOUND E352 does not only stand out by its special look, the earphones especially excel with its warm and natural sound.



Sound Quality

The wooden chassis of the ARCTIC SOUND E352 creates a warm and natural sound for your music. The large driver coils (O10mm / 9mm) that produce dynamic and superior deep bass without any distortions. Furthermore, the gold-plated 3.5 mm jack of the ARCTIC SOUND E352 offers uncompromised signal transmission.

Highest Comfort for Best Pleasure

The ultra-soft silicone caps ensure comfort and enhance overall music experience. The material fits gently in your ears providing wearing comfort even after many hours. The silicone caps seals music tightly in the ears and blocks ambient noise effectively.


Handy Carrying Case

To store the ARCTIC SOUN E352 on the go it is supplied with a handy and convenient caring case. The case is perfect to carry the earphones around and fits into every pocket.



Frequency Response (Hz-kHz) 18-22
Sensitivity (dB/mW) 104
Impedance (ohm) 32
Output Power (mW) 15
Plug 3.5mm
Cable (m) 1.3
Limited Warranty 2 years
Dimensions (Packaging) 224 L x 100 W x 40 H mm
itemnumber ORACO-ER009-GBA01
UPC 0872767002975
Gross Weight 0.2 kg



DSC 0424DSC 0425

Arctic has been very consistent in their packaging, and it's run through nearly every product I've seen. They have a consistent grey-scale color scheme with many pictures and specs on the box. They also, more than anyone I've seen, have an obsessive attention to providing great visibility to the actual product inside the box. Their products are always intelligently and safely packaged as well.

In addition to the E352 earbuds themselves, Arctic includes a carrying case, two different-sized silicon ear pieces, a wire clip, a user manual, and an “AC” sticker.



DSC 0429DSC 0432

DSC 0435DSC 0437

The Arctic Sound E352s have a real wood finish which has a nice wood grain appearance and good resonance. The casing has an aluminum neck and a wire mesh covering the driver. The back has a small air hole for the driver, and the rear portion of the housing has a subtle bevel to give it a less rounded look.

All of the cable endings are reinforced, which I'm happy to see, and should help prevent the cables from tearing or coming loose. The rubber coating for the wires has a rather “plasticy” feel, and is somewhat stiff. I prefer a softer rubber that flexes more easily, although the tradeoff here is that the wires should be more durable, which is always a good thing.

DSC 0427DSC 0428

The case that is also included is firm, but not solid or completely rigid. The zipper is large and well-made, an the internal foam wrapping core works well. The inside is lined with a very soft material that won't scratch, and the top of the clamshell has the “AC” branding on a metal plate.

The case is a nice inclusion along with the E352 which is also certainly useful.


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