Zalman PCM-1 and VCM-1 Power Consumption Meter Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

Both the VCM-1 and PCM-1 showed to be quite accurate in their measurements, and were within a very close margin to our other independent measurements. This is good news for skeptics looking for a better, cheaper method for measuring independent power consumption, and it works wonderfully for us to do power draw curves on individual components. It certainly makes for a cleaner measurement method, and allows you to conveniently keep an eye on your power consumption, and help minimize it to save money on your power bill.

The only gripe I've found is in regards to the VCM-1, in that it only has one 8-pin PCI-e connector. This means that for cards with more than one power slot, you won't obtain an accurate measurement, and it will only be the power drawn through one rail.

The red LCD readout looks nice, and isn't bright or flashy, simply functional. Zalman put together a great measurement tool in a nice, brushed aluminum package, and it's made life easier for us!


The Good

The Bad

  • Brushed aluminum finish

  • Modular

  • Accurate

  • Only one PCI-e power connector for VPM-1


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