Zalman PCM-1 and VCM-1 Power Consumption Meter Review


There have been a variety of DIY and makeshift ways over the years to measure power of individual components.  Zalman has developed a clean, simple way to get a constant power reading from your CPU or GPU, and be able to read it from the front of your case.  This is great for power-conscious users and folders who are looking to see how much power their distributed computing machines will consume, or testers who want to see how efficient their new chips are.



The Zalman ZM-PCM1 5.25" Bay CPU Power Consumption Meter turns an unused 5.25" bay into an LED display of your CPU power consumption. User can conveniently check the CPU voltage, current, and power consumption data with the Zalman ZM-VPM1 VGA Power Consumption Meter. The built in LED display allows easy checking of the voltage, current, and power status. Mulitple VGA cards can be monitored simultaneously as well with optional additional meters (ZM-VPM1).


  • Sleek design incorporating aluminum panel
  • Real-time measurement & display of CPU voltage, current, and power consumption
  • Highly credible IC provides minimum margin of error.
  • FND (Flexible Numeric Display) displays the numbers clearly and provides a wide viewing angle even in a dark environment
  • Built-in LED allows easy checking of the voltage, current, and power status.



Dimensions: 148(L) x 42(W) x 47(H) mm
Weight: 345g
Input: 12VDC
Bypass out: 12VDC
Cable Compatibility: VGA 6-Pin, 6+2 Pin
Power Range: 10 ~ 240W
Current Range: 0 ~ 20A(DC)
Voltage Range: 3 ~ 15V(DC)
Included: ZM-VPM1
Gender Converter
User’s Manual



DSC 0501DSC 0502

DSC 0503

The Zalman VPM-1/PCM-1 comes in a low-profile, black and red box with minimal product outline diagrams and multilingual specs. Each unit comes with an LCD readout, the necessary power cables, and an instrumentation box. Each also comes with a user manual, but only the PCM-1 comes with the drive bay housing, so if you'd like the VPM-1 for you GPU, you're essentially forced into purchasing the PCM-1 also.



DSC 0508

Each LCD unit has a plug in the back leading from the power measurement unit for reading out the measurements. It also has a potentiometer for calibration, if needed. Each also has a “mode” button and a small red LED highlighting the selected measurement. You can choose to display voltage, current, or wattage drawn by each component, independently of each other.

DSC 0504DSC 0505

DSC 0506DSC 0510

The drive housing itself has an attractive black brushed aluminum face, and an overall solid design. Each LCD readout is interchangeable and modular, so they can be positioned as you please. Plastic pieces subtly fill the space(s) of any unused slots. The fit is great, as you can see in the pictures, and the silver trim adds a nice contrast.


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