Arctic M551 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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With their massive expansion from traditional cooling products, Arctic has sought to bring gaming-caliber peripherals that would work well for those of us on a budget.  The M551 is another budget gaming mouse from Arctic, combining many of the features we know and love from gaming mice with an affordable price tag.



The ARCTIC M551 is the wired laser gaming mouse featuring high precision optical sensor to translate your hand movements into actions on the screen accurately. It is quick, comfortable, and practical.



Ergonomic Designs

The ARCTIC M551 is a full-sized right-hand-user mouse offering maximum comfort. Its ergonomic design allows extended gaming or work sessions without feeling tired in the hand.

Adjustable Sensitivity Levels

As a highly precise tool for navigation, the sensitivity level of the ARCTIC M551 is adjustable from 800, 1600, to 2400 dpi. For simple internet browsing, lower dpi level is sufficient; however, intense online gaming may require higher dpi level for rapid and precise cursor to slide freely on screen. The setting is changed by clicking the dpi button. The preset sensitivity level is displayed by a LED on the mouse as well.


Practical Functions

Equipped with functional features, the ARCTIC M551 is ideal for both gaming and applications such as photo or video editing, and everyday browsing. It contains easily accessible features - such as the backward and forward buttons on the side, and a quick and precise scrolling wheel to navigate content conveniently. The 1.8m cable is coated to eliminate line clustering.



Limited Warranty 2 years
Connector USB 2.0
Cable (m) 1.8
Sensitivity (dpi) 800 / 1600 / 2400
Tracking Engine Laser
Dimensions (Product) 119 L x 80 W x 41 H mm
Dimensions (Packaging) 213 L x 142 W x 71 H mm
UPC BLACK : 0872767003064
WHITE: 0872767003071
itemnumber MOACO-M5510-BLA01
Gross Weight 0.23 kg



DSC 0413DSC 0414

DSC 0415

Arctic has been very consistent in their packaging, and it's run through nearly every product I've seen. They have a consistent gray-scale color scheme with many pictures and specs on the box. They also, more than anyone I've seen, have an obsessive attention to providing great visibility to the actual product inside the box. Their products are always intelligently and safely packaged as well. In addition to the M551, Arctic provides an “AC” sticker and a user manual.


Design and Performance

DSC 0417DSC 0418

DSC 0419DSC 0420

The M551 has a rather tall profile, which fills out your palm nicely. The M551 has an ergonomic shape, with a recessed thumb grip, and an extended edge on the right for your ring and pinky fingers. The thumb grip is comfortable, and has subtle ribs on it to add to grip. Another nice inclusion is two thumb buttons, which is great for games. The buttons have a nice, sharp click to them as well.

The side flange for your other fingers can be very comfortable, but the M551, for me having large, wide hands, didn't fit quite right. It's similar to Arctic's M571, and I really like how it feels on the mouse, but the M551 doesn't quite fit my hand as well. But if you have smaller hands, it will likely fit into the ergonomic contour better.

It's also rather light, as many mice are, but it doesn't include any weights in order to add any heft to it if that's something that you prefer. The scroll wheel has a firm and controllable “click-click” as you scroll, and it clicks down nicely as well.

DSC 0495DSC 0493

DSC 0494

The M551 has, as has become a gaming mouse standard, on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment with the click of the button just behind the mouse wheel. The setting is indicated by a position which also has different colors, which helps quickly identify your setting. The lowest sensitivity is 800dpi, with 1600 dpi and 2400 dpi for the medium and high sensitivity, respectively.


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