Coolermaster CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset Review - Pictures


The Sirus headset box comes in a typical red/black color scheme, and looks very cool.  It has all of the specs and features depicted, illustrated, and listed on the box, and the clear window showcases the headset.


The hardware that comes with the Sirus headset is an audio controller pod (which also serves as a sound processor), as well as the standard full sound card hookups.



The Sirus comes in a simple grey and black color scheme.  The left earcup also has the microphone boom, which swivels to be stowed away when not in use.  The boom carries an embossed "SIRUS" marking, and the earcups bear the CM Storm branding and a red-backlit CM Storm logo.  The mesh under the logo also sees the glow from the red lights, and gives it a cool aura.

The earcup swivel mechanism is sturdy, has a tight fit, and feels very robust overall.  The weakness in many headsets is corner and cost cutting in the swivel mechanisms, and there is none of that seen in the Sirus.




The headband is also very well built, and another aspect often overlooked in other headsets, the size adjustment slider, also has a tight fit and a tight "locking" mechanism when you adjust it, and overall well put together.  It's a good sign up front when these little details that can be a deal-breaker are all more than satisfying.  The headband padding is also quite thick and very comfortable.  It has a soft cloth covering similar to one of the sets of earpads.  The top of the headband has the CM Storm branding embossed in the plastic.


The microphone boom has a fixed position outside of the rotation to stow it away.  Given the mic transmit settings in the Sirus software in addition to the built-in audio settings, I haven't found the need for variable positioning relative to my face.  There is a red LED that lights the glass portion above the microphone subtly when the microphone is activated.


The padding on the earcups is very pronounced, and also very comfortable.  They also cover the ears completely, and two different sets are included.  One is a cloth one, and the other is more leather-like material which also has added sound isolation for cancelling out ambient noise.  Both sets are very comfortable, and leave you a little bit of customization and fine-tuning, a great addition.



Also included is a control pod which can be used with two USB ports (for power and data transfer), and allows for volume control of the "center," "surround," "bass," and "master" volumes independently.  You can also mute the microphone and/or the sound with the pod as well.  The center button changes which channel is being toggled.  The knob is very well-built, and the rotation is very smooth and has no wobble whatsoever.  The bottom padding keeps it in place very nicely as well.  The text lights up with red lights (as shown in the "Testing" section).


The connectors are gold-plated for a good, high quality connection.  The cables are thick, and also braided.  They are thus flexible, and very, very durable.  Once again, this is CM Storm not cutting corners, and finishing off their products with high end components and touches.

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