Edifier S330D Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System Review



The perpetual challenge with audio equipment is that it's largely preference-based, some sounds are more pleasurable to some people than others, so what we do to test ours is put it through a number of technical tests (frequency tests) at varying volumes, find where weaknesses may occur in terms of distortion, lack of sound definition, etc and identify those, and also note its strenghts through these tests.  We will also add a subjective assessment of the sound quality through simple listening, we've been putting them through its paces in a large number of genres, games, and overall listening to them.

The first song we played simply garnered a step back, followed by a "wow."  Beautiful sound, period.  It's amazing how full of a range can come from those small satellites.  Through much listening, we have yet to subjectively identify holes in the sound range.  The bass is more than plenty, and can be adjusted to your preference, but it is tight and crisp.  It rumbles cleanly from the cabinet from the 6.5-inch driver, and even when pushing the bass it remains very tight.  The cone doesn't appear to get sloppy, and indicates that it's durably constructed.  It also hits very low bass ranges that few desktop speakers will hit, and I'd say it has a tighter feel to the bass than the Logitech Z-2300s, a comparable and popular set.  The mid ranges are clean, and the high ranges are full.  Simply satisfying to listen to the S330Ds.  Every genre that was listened to felt as thought it sounded as if it were intended to, and a quick adjustment of your media player's equalizer settings can have your desired sound "temperature" fine-tuned in a few short minutes, and it appears that you can make what you want of the S330Ds.  Sound fills the room as though it's emmanating from the walls themselves when you stand in the center of the room, yet when you are right in front of them, it sound just as clean, crisp, and smooth as it does across the room.

Running the speakers through a variety of frequency sweeps was largely uneventful.  The sounds remained crisp and tight, even with high volumes forcing them to try to distort.  The volume began to drop off around 15.5KHz, so the high ranges are plenty well represented and produced.  The sub, amazingly, has great volume and tight production as low as 16-18Hz.  Songs with low bass I didn't even know was there became clear and apparent, and opens an entire dimension in the low range.  The low bass range production was one of the more impressive feats, and the power generated from the (relatively) small 6.5-inch driver was impressive.  It feels like a bigger sub than it is.  Its tight bass production gives the illusion of a much larger subwoofer, and became a highlight for me.  We didn't notice any sharp volume attenuation through the rest of the range, so it seems that there's great sound overlap, and that the full range is well reproduced.  The transition stages from low (sub), to the mids (medium driver), and then to the highs (tweeter) weren't noticeable in any regard.


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# EssexToys 2012-05-24 05:55
Just the kind of thing I've been looking for. I've been searching high and low for some decent kit with an optical input!