Edifier S330D Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System Review



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The left and right satellite speakers have a removable cloth covering which can likely be cleaned without any issue, keeping you drivers dust-free.  All drivers are two-way magnetically shielded, minimizing distortion, and ensuring clean, clear sound.  Each satellite has a mid-range driver and a high-frequency tweeter, ensuring a full, accurate range is produced from each speaker.  Most speakers are forced to optimize around a central frequency range, and the highs and lows are then often "forced."  Dedicated mid and high range drivers help mitigate that aspect, producing full sound throughout a wide range of frequencies.  The cones and drivers are tight and well-constructed, and detail was put into their appearance to look good without the cloth cover in place.

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The cabinets are finished in a beautiful, glossy piano black finish.  The gloss looks great, and does quite well at not showing fingerprints very well.  Dust inevitably begins to up, but that's the perpetual challenge with any gloss black surface.  The edges of the satellites have a rounded bevel which creates a smooth transition from face to face, adn looks very attractive and not too edgy, and gives the surface some fluidity.  The back of the satellites also have wall-mount hanging points and the speaker cable connection points.  The bottom has small rubber feet to keep them from sliding in place on the desktop, and despite their relatively small size, provide adequate traction on the desk.  The cabinets are all-wood, and very well-made.  They feel very solid, and have a heft that indicates durable, quality internals and magenets.

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The subwoofer is big, and it's heavy.  The total shipping weight was 22lbs, so it's no sluff.  And it's build doesn't sluff either.  A metal mesh covers the main 6.5" driver cone, with the Edifier insignia placed neatly in the center.  The silver/grey trim accents the cabinet nicely, and the right side houses the air duct.  The cabinet is rock-solid, and is finished in a matte-texture, as opposed to the piano black gloss of the satellites.  The back has multiple inputs for either RCA, optical, or coaxial inputs, a bass volume knob, the speaker wire ports, and a port to connect the control pod to (very similar to Logitech's Z-550 subwoofer's rear panel).  The bottom has four small pads to serve as feet and to keep it from sliding around if you have it placed on a wood or smooth floor.

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The control pod is also a nice little unit.  It's built solid, the volume dail has a firm, smooth feel to it.  It lights in a pleasant, diffused blue LED rigng around the volume knob.  The front also has a headphone jack and an AUX input for the use with a remot.  This is an awesome control pod design, it sits on the desk, looks nice, has a low footprint, and is overall very low profile.


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# EssexToys 2012-05-24 05:55
Just the kind of thing I've been looking for. I've been searching high and low for some decent kit with an optical input!