Edifier S330D Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System Review


The desktop speaker market is pretty saturated with an intimidating array of brands, types, and prices, and making a choice can be daunting.  The challenge for those trying to crack into the industry is to separate themselves from "the hoard."  Edifier takes aim to differentiate itself through high quality cabinets, high fidelity sound, and an attention to detail rarely seen in 2.1 desktop speaker systems; the type any audio enthusiast would be happy to have on their desk.



Designed for the home PC gaming and music fan, the all new system provides awesome performance. All enclosures are made from high quality MDF wood, with the satellites being finished in high gloss piano black. The 6.5" subwoofer is fitted with a dual voicecoil reflex loaded woofer, and a high power amplifier that delivers superb bass definition. Headphone output and auxiliary(AUX) input on wired remote control. Edifier’s newly developed high performance tweeter with machined phase plug is fitted to enable incredible smoothness and wide dispersion for the satellites. Simply put, the new S330D Mediapro system will satisfy even the most ardent of audio enthusiasts. RMS total 72W (36W+18W x 2); magnetically shielded 6.5" Bass driver and satellite 2" mid-range and 3/4" silk dome tweeter,Dimension: Subwoofer 246 x 246 x 286 mm and Satellites 68 x 190 x 100mm ( WxDxH ), total gross weight 8.6kg



  • 2.1 speaker system with 6.5 inch dual voicecoil subwoofer.
  • High power BTL (Bridged Tied Load) amplifier delivers excellent dynamics.
  • Wood MDF housings for all speaker enclosures ensure superb clarity.
  • 2-way satellites with pro-designed crossovers and high gloss piano finish.
  • High performance soft silk dome tweeter with phase plug for extra smooth wide response.
  • Headphone output and auxiliary(AUX) input on wired remote controller.
  • Subwoofer built-in Bass control.
  • Unique Halo style design power indicator.



  • Power Output: RMS 18W x 2 + 36W (THD=10%)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >=85dBA
  • Amplifier Distortion: THD+N<0.5%
  • Input Impendence: 10K Ohm
  • Input Sensitivity: 400mv. (+/- 50mV)
  • Frequency Respense: 55Hz - 20KHz
  • Bass Unit: 6.5" (106mm), magnetically shielded, 4Ohm.
  • Satellite Unit: 2" (78mm) mid-range and 3/4 inch silk dome tweeter, 4Ohm,magnetically shielded.
  • Dimension: Subwoofer ---9.7"x9.7"x11.3" (246x246x286 mm) WxDxH
    Satellites ---2.7"x7.5"x3.9" (68x190x100mm) WxDxH
  • Gross Weight: approximately 19Lbs (8.6kg)
  • Power Input: 100V-120V ~, 50/60Hz



DSC 0284DSC 0285

The S330D comes in a rather large, black box with large pictures, and all the "goodies" in terms of specs and features laid out for your perusal.  The packaging was very neat and well thought out, and looked like it would survive even the clumsiest postman's hands. The S330Ds come with a user manunal, optical cable (an awesome surprise and inclusion!), some very long speaker cables, an RCA audio connector, the two satellite speakers, a volume control dial, and the subwoofer.  They give you a well-rounded package including a high-quality optical connector for a great audio connection.




DSC 0286DSC 0290

DSC 0309DSC 0306

The left and right satellite speakers have a removable cloth covering which can likely be cleaned without any issue, keeping you drivers dust-free.  All drivers are two-way magnetically shielded, minimizing distortion, and ensuring clean, clear sound.  Each satellite has a mid-range driver and a high-frequency tweeter, ensuring a full, accurate range is produced from each speaker.  Most speakers are forced to optimize around a central frequency range, and the highs and lows are then often "forced."  Dedicated mid and high range drivers help mitigate that aspect, producing full sound throughout a wide range of frequencies.  The cones and drivers are tight and well-constructed, and detail was put into their appearance to look good without the cloth cover in place.

DSC 0291DSC 0288

DSC 0293DSC 0295

The cabinets are finished in a beautiful, glossy piano black finish.  The gloss looks great, and does quite well at not showing fingerprints very well.  Dust inevitably begins to up, but that's the perpetual challenge with any gloss black surface.  The edges of the satellites have a rounded bevel which creates a smooth transition from face to face, adn looks very attractive and not too edgy, and gives the surface some fluidity.  The back of the satellites also have wall-mount hanging points and the speaker cable connection points.  The bottom has small rubber feet to keep them from sliding in place on the desktop, and despite their relatively small size, provide adequate traction on the desk.  The cabinets are all-wood, and very well-made.  They feel very solid, and have a heft that indicates durable, quality internals and magenets.

DSC 0298DSC 0296

DSC 0300DSC 0301

The subwoofer is big, and it's heavy.  The total shipping weight was 22lbs, so it's no sluff.  And it's build doesn't sluff either.  A metal mesh covers the main 6.5" driver cone, with the Edifier insignia placed neatly in the center.  The silver/grey trim accents the cabinet nicely, and the right side houses the air duct.  The cabinet is rock-solid, and is finished in a matte-texture, as opposed to the piano black gloss of the satellites.  The back has multiple inputs for either RCA, optical, or coaxial inputs, a bass volume knob, the speaker wire ports, and a port to connect the control pod to (very similar to Logitech's Z-550 subwoofer's rear panel).  The bottom has four small pads to serve as feet and to keep it from sliding around if you have it placed on a wood or smooth floor.

DSC 0304DSC 0944

The control pod is also a nice little unit.  It's built solid, the volume dail has a firm, smooth feel to it.  It lights in a pleasant, diffused blue LED rigng around the volume knob.  The front also has a headphone jack and an AUX input for the use with a remot.  This is an awesome control pod design, it sits on the desk, looks nice, has a low footprint, and is overall very low profile.




The perpetual challenge with audio equipment is that it's largely preference-based, some sounds are more pleasurable to some people than others, so what we do to test ours is put it through a number of technical tests (frequency tests) at varying volumes, find where weaknesses may occur in terms of distortion, lack of sound definition, etc and identify those, and also note its strenghts through these tests.  We will also add a subjective assessment of the sound quality through simple listening, we've been putting them through its paces in a large number of genres, games, and overall listening to them.

The first song we played simply garnered a step back, followed by a "wow."  Beautiful sound, period.  It's amazing how full of a range can come from those small satellites.  Through much listening, we have yet to subjectively identify holes in the sound range.  The bass is more than plenty, and can be adjusted to your preference, but it is tight and crisp.  It rumbles cleanly from the cabinet from the 6.5-inch driver, and even when pushing the bass it remains very tight.  The cone doesn't appear to get sloppy, and indicates that it's durably constructed.  It also hits very low bass ranges that few desktop speakers will hit, and I'd say it has a tighter feel to the bass than the Logitech Z-2300s, a comparable and popular set.  The mid ranges are clean, and the high ranges are full.  Simply satisfying to listen to the S330Ds.  Every genre that was listened to felt as thought it sounded as if it were intended to, and a quick adjustment of your media player's equalizer settings can have your desired sound "temperature" fine-tuned in a few short minutes, and it appears that you can make what you want of the S330Ds.  Sound fills the room as though it's emmanating from the walls themselves when you stand in the center of the room, yet when you are right in front of them, it sound just as clean, crisp, and smooth as it does across the room.

Running the speakers through a variety of frequency sweeps was largely uneventful.  The sounds remained crisp and tight, even with high volumes forcing them to try to distort.  The volume began to drop off around 15.5KHz, so the high ranges are plenty well represented and produced.  The sub, amazingly, has great volume and tight production as low as 16-18Hz.  Songs with low bass I didn't even know was there became clear and apparent, and opens an entire dimension in the low range.  The low bass range production was one of the more impressive feats, and the power generated from the (relatively) small 6.5-inch driver was impressive.  It feels like a bigger sub than it is.  Its tight bass production gives the illusion of a much larger subwoofer, and became a highlight for me.  We didn't notice any sharp volume attenuation through the rest of the range, so it seems that there's great sound overlap, and that the full range is well reproduced.  The transition stages from low (sub), to the mids (medium driver), and then to the highs (tweeter) weren't noticeable in any regard.



Final Thoughts

From my experiences with the S330D, this sets a bar very high for its price range for desktop speaker sets.  I couldn't find any glaring holes in its construction, or sound.  The built quality and tight sound indicates that a set of S330Ds will serve you well for years to come.  The magnetically-shielded speakers create a full range from the low bass ranges, up to the harshest highs, and even when pushing the frequency range up very high in volume, distortion is quite minimal.  The bass is tight and crisp, and even when forced to high volumes and observing the cone, it remains uniform and doesn't become sloppy.  This says to me that it's a durable driver that will remain crisp as long as you aren't forcing it heavily routinely.  In a few words, they are simply pleasurable to listen to, gorgeous in not only sound quality, but build construction and attention to detail as well.  Edifier has a grade-A product, and a sure winner in my book.  I'd go so far to say that most audiophiles would be very satisfied to have these in front of them on a desk!


The Good


The Bad

  • Excellent build quality and construction
  • Full sound range
  • Tight, powerful bass
  • Low-profile control pod
  • Optical cable included
  • Long speaker cables
  • None present so far!


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Just the kind of thing I've been looking for. I've been searching high and low for some decent kit with an optical input!