Arctic Laser Presenter Review - Pictures



Very typical for Arctic products, a grey-scale box which also gives a good view of the product inside via clear, form-fitted packaging.  The box has plenty of information and feature illustrations as well.



The presenter includes a nice zippered storage and transport sleeve, which protects the presenter during travel.  One thing I initially thought would have been a nice inclusion would have been a space on the presenter itself to place the USB dongle to prevent misplacing it, until I gave it another look, and found that this has already been accounted for via a convenient magnetic holder on the inside of the battery compartment cover.  The presenter has a clean grey/black color scheme, and the front panel has a simple control panel for moving forward and back between slide, a "play" button, an escape button, and a "B" button.  The left side has a simple on/off slider, and the top has a subtle LED "on" indicator.


The right side of the presenter has an ergonomically placed volume switch, great for presentations with audio, and potentially unpredictable volume levels. The bottom has a wide base which is very comfortable to grasp, which houses the battery and a compartment large enough to carry the USB dongle.  The bottom also holds the "trigger" style button which activates the laser, a wonderful inclusion in a single handheld presenter.

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