Arctic P531 5.1 Gaming Headset Review - Testing and Final Thoughts



Using the P531s for extended periods of time, through many uses, and in many ways, we subjectively evaluated the comfort, sound quality, and any other aspects we came to note.

The P531s have a unique sound to them.  Those who have had open-backed headphones/headsets before might relate well, as it takes a bit of getting used to a very "open" sounding headphone.  Think of it more like sound emanating from the walls of a room as opposed to speakers at each corner, it sounds very even and distant, as if the room is "filled" with the sound.  This is due to the space between the ear and the multiple speakers inside the earcup.  The bass is pretty good, although its not as powerful as I may like in some applications.  I'm not usually too huge a fan of powerful, knocking bass, but in a gaming headset I found at times I'd like a little more "boom" to accompany game explosions.  The mids and highs are well reproduced, and music is very pleasant on the P531s, as the multiple speakers in each earcup produce a very definite surround sound effect.  This may also be able to be remedied with changing certain game settings, or certain audio settings pertaining to the USB drivers for the headset.  The sound controller works flawlessly, and allows independently changing the separate speakers within the earcup.  The headset worked perfectly as a "plug-n-play" device, and I was up and running in minutes.

The microphone transmits clearly, and can also be fairly sensitive when calibrated so you don't have to have the mic boom very close to your mouth in order to clearly transmit.  The P531s wear very comfortably, the size adjustments ensure a great fit, and the over-ear padding is also very comfortable.  The only issue I had in terms of wearability is that due to the size and weight of the cups, when you look down or lean your head back, you can feel the cups shift and rotate, and they almost feel as though they will fall off, although I've never had them fall off.  It may also just be how the cups and headband fit my particular head as well, but they just felt loose on my ears in these moments.


Final Thoughts

The P531 headset is very solid, and the build quality is certainly up-to-par.  All of the pieces and the folding hinge are all solid, and there is no noticeable creak or flex between the various pieces.  The headband is adjustable and has soft padding for comfort, as does the earcup.  The solid heft of the P531s have a slight drawback in that they feel as though they might fall off my head when I look at the floor or lean my head back. Although they shift a bit, they have yet to ever fall completely off.  The sound quality is quite good, the only thing I found myself "asking for" was a bit more 'juice" from the bass.  It was more than adequate for music, but at times in games I found myself wanting a bit more bass accompanying explosions.  Their plug-n-play functionality made setup a breeze, and the microphone transmits my voice clearly, getting you in real-time communication with your teammates in no time.



  • Well Built
  • Comfortable
  • Independent volume control
  • Good overall sound quality
  • Foldable (with a solid hinge)


  • Microphone not removable
  • Somewhat heavy, causes shifting when head is bent







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