Arctic P531 5.1 Gaming Headset Review - Pictures



The P531 headset comes in very typical Arctic style in a light grey box, with a large window, and plenty of graphics so you can see exactly what you're getting inside the box, and what it's capable of.


The product itself is finished in a simple grey/black color scheme that looks modern.  The left side of the earcup has a microphone boom which can swiveleld out of the way, but unfortunately it cannot be unplugged or removed. It has a multi-channel volume control, USB connector, and large earcups.


The earcups are well-built and sturdy, if not a bit hefty.  They have a grey/black color scheme on the outside, with the Arctic Sound logo neatly placed next to the model number.  The padding has a soft outer material, and a thick, soft cushion which wears well for extended periods of time comfortably.  The ear padding is a an off-grey which matches fairly well to the color scheme of the rest of the headset.



The headband is also well-built, and is similar to the earcups with the same material making up the soft inner lining.  It has a leatherlike texture on the outside, with the Arctic Sound brand shown subtly (the flash was meant to increase how visible it is, it's more subtle in normal lighting conditions.  The headband size is also adjustable from both side, and the size adjustments click satisfyingly and stay in place very well.  The size settings have numbers on either side to help ensure that you change each side equally.


Being a gaming headset, and with the lan-goer in mind, the P531 headset folds up neatly for stowing away or for travel.  In my experience, the folding mechanism simply leads to another thing to break, and probably will.  Using a similar hinge to their P281 headphones, Arctic doesn't leave me with these concerns here.  The hinge is large, robust, and feels very solid.  I really don't mind their implementation being that they apparently put enough time and resources into ensuring that the hing wouldn't give way as many folding headsets before them have.


The microphone boom has a flexible cord, and it's easy as can be to position just how you'd like it. Like we mentioned earlier, it also swivels up and you can position it along the headband when not in use.  Although we would prefer a removable boom, this is not a bad compromise.


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