Everki Flight Friendly 16-inch Laptop Backpack Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Everki's Flight Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack doesn't leave me asking for much.  The only limitation I've seen so far, and this is a stretch, is that it can't yet be found in any other colors, but even if you are picky about coloring, I wouldn't let that hold you back.  I've found that I also like its subtle design much more when I see it in person, versus in pictures alone.  It is made from high quality material such as nylon and shock-resistant foam for comfort, durability, and to protect your valuable notebook inside.  It wears very comfortably, even with a heavy load, due to its large padding on the back with ventilation channels to allow your back to breathe.  It has great lower-back support, so it rests in the curvature of the spin very ergonomically, and this is key to overall comfort in a backpack.  The front straps are great for more intense activities such as hiking, biking, or jogging, and also helps the backpack feel very "fit" to your body.  The straps are also versatile, with length adjustments on the top and bottom of the strap, allowing you to dial in that perfect fit for you.

The three main compartments can hold a large amount of items, and has plenty of perfect pockets for school and/or business supplies, and is perfect for the mobile student, and the business man on-the-go.  The main notebook compartment has very adequate padding with a suede-like lining, which will prevent scratches.  Throw in two side pockets for other supplies you with to access quickly or carry a water bottle, in addition to a media pocket with a rubber hold for headphones, and there isn't much more you can ask for in a backpack.  The compartment will carry nearly any notebook, with most notebooks being 16-inches and under, and my HP DV9000 17-inch laptop was able to squeeze in as well.  It will also zip down far enough to allow it to open 180 degrees, which allows quick an easy inspection without having to dismember your careful packing.  The subtle design grows on me the more I look at it, and I really enjoy using it!



  • Large compartments with a multitude of pockets for a large range of applications
  • High quality materials, quality construction
  • Comfortable, and highly adjustable fit
  • Padded notebook compartment with microfiber lining
  • Checkpoint friendly 180-degree opening
  • Adequate back venitlation


  • No color options


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