Everki Flight Friendly 16-inch Laptop Backpack Review - Pictures



The Everki Flight Friendly backpack comes in a fairly simple style, with mostly black, with grey inserts, and some subtle orange trim.  The texture is "amplified" a bit by the flash, but from the lower-light pictures it has a very nice appearance, as you will see.  It's constructed out of a very durable and tough nylon material, which will be sure to take the stresses through years of use.



Here are the three primary compartments of Everki's flight-friendly laptop backpack.  As you can see from the first two pouches, this would be a perfect backpack for the student.  It has plenty of pockets for school supplies or business materials, and as business and school becomes more and more computer-heavy, the notebook compartment seals the deal as far as overall utility.  There are subtle "Everki" brandings on the inside, and it adds a little character to the inner shell without being overly prominent.  The primary notebook compartment is perfect for books, notebooks, or binders, and the padded section is lined with a soft, suede-like material which will prevent scratches, and probably also wipe any dust off your notebook, a nice detail.  The padding on either side of the notebook compartment makes me feel quite confident that in a range of drops/falls/accidents, your notebook will come out unscathed.  The notebook compartment will support notebooks in size up to 16-inches, and I was able to squeeze in my HP DV9000 17-inch notebook, but the fit was a bit tight over the zipper on the top corners.



There are two side-pockets on the backpack as well, one which would be perfect for school supplies such as pens and pencils and/or a simple calculator for quick and easy access (I've used pockets like this before, and it's great for these purposes).  The other is primarily a water-bottle holder, which zips up neatly when you're not carrying one.  Another nice feature is the included MP3/CD player pocket, with a built-in headphone/earbud hole with a nice rubber housing to keep your cables in place.  It's very roomy, and even a small tablet might fit in there for your media consumption on-the-go.


The handle on the top of the backpack is very well put together with strong thread and a button to hold it in place indefinitely.  The handle is used more than one might think, and it was good of Everki not to cut corners in this area.  And we must not forget one of the most important factors in a backpack... comfort.  I loaded it full of books, and a 15.4-inch notebook.  The contents weighed 29.5lbs.  The thick padding made it feel comfortable, even with that much weight.  The channels in between the padding aids in ventilation, and it was actually noticeable at times how well it was breathing.  The padding has a soft mesh on the outside, and the wide area of the pads really adds up to overall comfort, even when wearing for an extended amount of time.  I've worn it hiking, biking, and rollerblading, and it was great.  It has a surprisingly small form-factor despite its storage capabilities.


The straps are also very comfortable, with a half-inch of padding, and length adjustments on both the top and the bottom of the straps.  There is also a strap with a buckle which really keeps the backpack really tight and close, which is especially useful for hikes and activities where the backpack will want to sway back and forth.

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