Arctic Sound P281 DJ Headphones Review - Pictures



The packaging of the P281 DJ headphones gives you a great look at the product it houses within.  It proudly displays the gold plated connectors and adaptors, as well as illustrations of the various features and specifications.



The gunmetal grey and black color scheme looks excellent on these headphones. The top of the headband is rubberized and features Arctic's logo printed in bold letters. If you ever find yourself DJ'ing at a crowded party, then you'll appreciate the comfortable netted nylon on the underside of the headband. Adjustability is there too, with up to 4cm of extra length available on either side.


The earcups themselves are well padded and don't put too much force on the ears. We can attest to their long-term wearability after using them for 4 hours without any discomfort. Both display more Arctic branding as well as the headphone model on the side. A cable with generous length and a gold-plated 3.5mm connector extends from the bottom of the left earcup.


They headphones also conveniently fold up for stowing in a gear bag for travel.  The joints are very solid, and actually allow folding without compromising the durability as I've run into with several other sets of headphones.


We were very impressed with the performance of the P281's after testing them with a wide variety of music genres. They produce a sufficient amount of bass without being too overpowering. You won't be rattling your eardrums with these headphones, but you are certainly aware of the song's "presence." Very low tones are somewhat hard to discern, but this is to be expected from a a pair of headphones at this price point. All other ranges were well represented and the padded earcups serve up some good sound isolation. The partially coiled cable gives you a comfortable 4 feet to play with as you move around your computer. When you're ready to take the listening elsewhere, the P281's easily fold into a compact form. Sturdy hinges dispose of any fears that the headphones might break as they fold.


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