Arctic K381 Multimedia Keyboard Review - Pictures



The Arctic K381 comes in very typical styling and coloration for Arctic products, including multilingual information and plenty of pictures and feature illustrations.

One thing that makes the the K381 stand out from the crowd is its resemblance to the aluminum Apple keyboards. A plain rectangular shape with rounded edges, extra slim enclousure, and low-profile keys are found on both. You don't get any USB ports with the K381, but the same crisp and responsive feel of the keys is still there. Even better, the keyboard is available in black or a very Apple-esque white.
A glossy underside gives the keyboard a premium appearance and rubber feet keep it firmly planted on your desk.
Fans of keyboard shortcuts will really enjoy the dedicated function keys found on the top row. A nice looking set of LEDs lets you know when the function or num-lock keys are active.
Upon sitting down to type this review, we immediately noticed some interesting typos. It was then that we realized that our review unit was sporting a U.K. 48-key layout as defined in British Standard BS 4822. While this layout is quite similar to the U.S. layout, the keyboard includes symbols for £, €, ¬, and ¦. The @, ", #, ~, \, and | keys have been relocated, and the shift key has shrunk to half the size of its U.S. cousin. For a more personal touch, Arctic has replaced the traditional Windows label with its own initials "AC." The K381 is touted as a "multilingual keyboard," and closer inspection of Arctic's own product photos reveal that both U.K. and U.S. keyboards are available. Something to note before you place your order.

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