Arctic K381 Multimedia Keyboard Review

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Arctic's K381 keyboard sports a minimalistic design, slim profile, and great tactile feel. Those who desire a budget alternative to the Apple Keyboard will have a hard time passing up this offering.





The ARCTIC K381 is a multi-purpose and stylish keyboard for home and office use. With 12 office and multimedia function keys, it offers the functionality you are looking for.



Compact Design

With an overall height of only 28mm, the ARCTIC K381 is ultra-slim and space-efficient. The extremely flat design allows your wrists to rest comfortably on the desk while typing. The sharp and clear pressure point gives good feedback.

Easy to clean

In contrast to most keyboards, the gaps between the keys and frame are tight so dust cannot build up in there. The surface is very easy to clean from dust or other particles.




The keyboard is equipped with 12 one-touch office function keys, including volume control, full-sized arrow keys and numeric keypad.


Limited Warranty 2 years
Dimensions (Packaging) 470 L x 150 W x 27 H mm
Dimensions (Product) 428 L x 115 W x 20 H mm
Compatibility USB 2.0
Cable (m) 173
Number of Keys 111
EAN-Code DE (B) : 0872767003323
DE (W): 0872767003385
US (B) : 0872767003354
US (W) : 0872767003415
EAN-Code CZ (B) : 0872767003316
CZ (W) : 0872767003378
FR (B) : 0872767003347
FR (W) : 0872767003408
EAN-Code ES (B) : 0872767003330
ES (W) : 0872767003378
UK (B) : 0872767003361
itemnumber KBACO-K3811-GBF01
Weight 0.8 kg


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