Scythe Kro Kraft Rev.B Desktop Monitor Speaker Review - Testing and Final Thoughts


I've had many hours of listening to the Kro Kraft Rev.B speakers through basically every genre that exists.  I was initially surprised by not only the amount of bass that they could output, but the crispness of it.  It was very tight and precise, even when the volume was turned up quite high.  At max volume, a little bass distortion is detected, but the high quality drivers and the larger magnet do their jobs well.  They aren't able to get to low frequencies very well, but without a dedicated subwoofer, this is to be expected.  Anything below 60Hz isn't easily detectable, but 60Hz and above is reproduced very well.  The tweeter also helps produce a very crisp and full high range, and the mid-range from the lower dome driver performs well too.  The Kro Kraft Rev.Bs project very well also, and I find it surprising how "full of sound" a room sounds when I'm playing music.  I was very very happy with them, and the overall bass performance surpassed my expectations.


Final Thoughts

The Kro Kraft Rev.B desktop monitors are a real-deal setup for anyone who wants a very true sound experience on their desktop.  They're a larger alternative to many other systems out there, but this has its advantages as well.  The end product gives a very full sound range, that projects well and makes a room feel full of sound.  The footprint is not that much larger than many others out there, with its depth being the largest aspect to take into account.  I have a fairly small desk, and I was able to accommodate them without any inconvenience past a bit of rearranging.  I was surprised by the amount of the bass, which was very crisp, tight, and accurate.  The added tweeter helps the high ranges hit accurately also, and the result is a very full range of sounds, and a very rich experience is what it produces.  The only limitation is inherent in the lower bass ranges, which dedicated subwoofers often struggle or fail outright to reach, so it wouldn't be reasonable to expect a bass/mid range driver to hit the lowest bass frequencies.


  • Solid Contruction
  • Gold plated, high quality connectors
  • Rich, full sound range
  • Tight and accurate mid-low range


  • Poor low-frequency performance (<60Hz)


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