Scythe Kro Kraft Rev.B Desktop Monitor Speaker Review - Pictures


The Scythe Kro Kraft Rev.B speakers come only with two 2m long speaker cables to connect to an amp or stereo of your choice, such as either the Kama Bay Mini Amp or the Kama Bay AMP 2000 Rev.B, also by Scythe.


The Kro Kraft Rev.B desktop monitors have a 100mm mid-range woofer, in an elegant bronze color that adds a nice contrast to the outer cabinet's black.  There is also a tweeter to handle the higher sound range.  These are a bit larger than many desktop speakers, but they're footprint isn't remarkably larger.  The new version of the Rev.B has a larger driver magnet which allows for tighter bass and mid ranges.



the Kro Kraft Rev.B spekers are very well built.  They are as completely solid as I would like, and their very continuous housing looks very sharp, with a nice angled front bevel to break up the otherwise rectangular profile.  All of the components fit well, and are firmly secured.  The driver cones also feel very robust, and they're are also fairly "tight," meaning you get a crisp sound, even at high volumes, and the sound doesn't sound "thumpy."  The outer appearance is somewhere in between a matte and semi-gloss.  The finish has a bit of a shine to it, but it also has a bit of a texture that diffuses the light as well.


The back of the cabinet houses the air port near the top, as well as the product label and the speaker cable connectors, which are also gold-plated.  This is a great detail for Scythe to have included, especially for something like a destkop monitor system.

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