Scythe Kama Bay AMP 2000 Rev.B Review - Pictures


The Kama Bay AMP 2000 Rev. B comes in  an especially colorful, blue-clad box, with illustrations of the specs and features on the back, and is also multilingual.  It is very neat and minimalistic, and also well protected.


The Kama Bay AMP 2000 comes with a power brick, a user manual, speaker cables, and multiple input cables for any of the three available and selectable inputs, as well as the front 3.5mm jack.  It also includes hardware for mounting the amp inside of a case.


The larger amp has space for more buttons than the Kama Bay Amp Mini, which includes a bass and treble volume knobs, an input selection knob, and a volume knob.  there is also a power button, a mute button, a headphone jack, a 3.5mm audio input jack, and a USB power port for charging mobile devices.  The front face has a smooth, semi-gloss finish, and a more textured peened upper and lower surface.  The build quality is very good, it feels very solid, and everything fits together well and there is no creak in the chassis.  The large decibel-meters which are blue LED-lit, and look very modern and looks very attractive, especially in a case that has blue LEDs.


The bottom and rear panel are a continuous piece, and the other three sides fit cleanly together on the base.  This creates a very continuous design, and also attributes to its overall rigidity.


The back panel houses the three inputs, the AC power input, the input/output switch for the front deciblemeter, and the left and right-channel speaker outputs.


The feet on the bottom have large rubber pads which allow the amp to stay in place on a table top or desk very nicely.  The aluminum housing around the rubber feet goes along nicely with the silver aluminum accents.

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