Scythe Kama Bay AMP 2000 Rev.B Review

Scythe has added an expanded offering to its growing audio product lineup. The Kama Bay AMP 2000 Rev. B can fit neatly in a standard 5.25-inch drive bay, and works equally well standalone outside the case.  It also adds a little flare with blue LED lit decibel-meters, and a high quality Yamaha chip.



Kama Bay AMP 2000 Rev.B Class D amplifier can be used with common passive speakers. Thanks to its high versatility it is possible to use the Kama Bay AMP 2000 Rev.B inside a free 5.25” pc case bay or externally as a stand-alone device. Users can switch between total of 4 input sources and load their mp3 player at the same time by using the built-in USB connector. New INPUT/OUTPUT switch included.



High Quality Performance YAMAHA IC Chip
In order to create high quality sound and not to compromise in sound quality, YAMAHA YDA138 chip and a completely new PCB design is build into this amplifier for pure audio enjoyment

Function variety
The Kama Bay AMP 2000 has a variety of input connections (3 x RCA connector, 1 x 3.5 mm Stereo-Mini (jack) connector). Users can switch between the four available channels and are able to adjust the volume, treble, and bass levels individually at anytime.

Universal usage
The Kama Bay Amp 2000 fits perfectly into a standard 13.34 cm (5.25 inches) internal bay. USB devices can be recharged using the build-in front USB power supply.

By selecting the knob to “Output“ position the indicator shows the output of the amplifier. By selecting to “Input“ position, the indicator shows the strength of the device connected to the amplifier



  • Model Number:
  • Output:
    2 x Speaker Channels
    1 x Headphone
  • Input:
    3 x RCA
    1 x 3.5 mm Stereo-Mini
  • Power IC:
    YAMAHA YDA138(D-3)
  • Number of Channels:
    2 Stereo Channels
  • Maximum Output Continuous Current:
    10 W x 2 Channels
  • Maximum Efficiency:
    88% (8 Ω / 10 W)
  • S/N Ratio:
    103 dB / 95dB (Headphone)
  • Harmonic Distortion Rate:
    0,02% (1 KHz / 8 Ω)
  • Headphone:
    50 mW x 2 Channels
  • Dimensions:
    152 x 113 x 41 mm / 5.95 x 2.01 x 7.24 in
    #When side-panels and insulators attached.
  • Capability of Connecting:
    1 x USB-Relay Cable
    1 x USB-Power Connector
  • Weight:
    760 g / 26.81 oz.
  • Scope of delivery:
    AC Adapter, Cable for Speaker, Installation Manual, Audio Cable (3.5 mm Stereo Mini - RCA / RCA - RCA / Stereo Mini - Stereo Mini), 2x PCI Bracket, PCI Bracket Screws, Unit Mounting Screws, 4-Pin Peripheral Adapter, USB-Relay Cable(5-Pin ↔ 4-Pin / 5-Pin ↔ USB-A)

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