Aerocool X-Vision 5-Channel Fan Controller Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

The X-Vision is simply a very solid fan controller.  Well-built inside out.  The LCD is vibrant, and the colors look great.  A welcome change from the general fan controllers out there.  The controller is easy and intuitive to use, and has a wide variety of different functions.  The monitoring options are also a-plenty, with not only temperature and speed, but also voltage, which is a less common feature.  The display is clear, and really looks great in the case.  If you are going for a flashy build, the X-Vision would fit it great, and really adds a level of sophistication to the appearance of your rig.  Overall, there really isn't anything I could think to change about the X-vision that doesn't rely solely on personal preference.  It is solid, well-built, works and is easy to use, and has any of the monitoring options I'd want, and the LCD is attractive.


  • Color LCD display
  • Voltage, Temperature, and Speeds displayed on 5 channels
  • Well-built, solid
  • Intuitive operation
  • Fan adapters included


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