Aerocool X-Vision 5-Channel Fan Controller Review - Pictures



The X-Vision comes in a simple box with plenty of illustrations demonstrating features and the included components.  It's neat and minimal in size, and shows you very well what you'll be getting.


In addition to a user manual, the X-Vision comes with 5 heat sensor probes, 5 3-pin fan connectors, 3-pin to molex adapters and voltage measuring cables.


The X-Vision fits into a standard 5.25-inch drive bay, and features a smooth plate of glass covering the LCD panel.  The right side has the function buttons and controller knob.  Aerocool's logo is subtly placed on the left-hand side of the ocntroller.  The black plastics have a piano-black finish that's also somewhat glossy.


The controller itself is not very deep, and the various connectors are neatly connected along the left side of the panel's back.  The controller has very sturdy metal support and mounting brackets.  The whole unit is surprisingly hefty, and feels very solid and well-built.  The minimal size on the back of the controller gives you plenty of room to hide and organize the cables, which are individually removable as well.


The buttons and wheel are very sturdy, and have a very firm and controllable click.  They don't feel as though they use the simple rubber actuation, and feel well-built and durable.  They are built into the glass and bezel neatly, and it looks very  clean.  The bezel is somewhat edgy with some grooves and indents breaking up the profile a bit.  This fits well with typical Aerocool styling, which is fairly "futuristic" themed and uses complex contours.



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